Imagine that you come home from a long day at work and you sit in front of the tv with a good meal. You are tired and just want to relax. With the help of Dice, you can turn on or off the lights just with gestures. Or just imagine that you are in a board meeting room about to start your presentation. The fact that Dice is so elegant and effective gives everybody a great experience.


Dice is an Italian product that looks like a small pyramid with rounded corners and that helps you to interact with your home products, for example: monitor your consumption, control lights, and manage your smart devices. It is a beautiful way of interacting since you do not have to touch the objects, you just use gestures. The objects reply by changing color and in that way you set it the way you want it. You have better control and understanding of your energy consumption which is very important. So it is not only elegant, but it is also useful.

The company Dice was founded in 2018 and the product was created by Marco Acerbis, Architect and Designer. He says that Dice “represents design, technology, and ethics”. This is a very interesting combination. For example, he designed the product with that special form (instead of the form of a cube) to facilitate better and more comfortable interaction with the product. Dice was nominated for the following prize “Compasso D’oro 2018”.

You can download the DiCEhome mobile app to associate and configure DiCE SMART to your Wi-Fi network. You can then customize it according to your wishes.

This reminds me of the automobile model Vision AVTR from the company Mercedes Benz which you can also communicate with gestures and it shows different colors. It is another example of how the “experience” plays a central role and it is more important than ever before. See my post at


The Vision AVTR car shows that we are entering a new era of design. Watch this video to understand what thoughts were behind the product design.

As you see, there is a lot of technology, research, and thought behind the design. Designers are beginning to think about sustainability. This indicates that the role of the Designers has changed. The fact that very different sectors come together to create greater experiences means more competition, mind-blowing products, and a more exciting way of working. It also means that technology is moving faster than education in the area of design innovation. The demand for very good and innovative designers will grow exponentiallly and they will need to have knowledge of different areas.

In the case of Mercedes Ben, the design of this concept car is like a creature that you interact with thanks to gestures. Now what is even most outstanding is that Mercedes Benz paired up with James Cameron, the producer of the movie Avatar to create this design that delivers a sci-fi experience. You have the upper backside of the car showing many small lights that appear when these parts lift up a bit. Here we also see that the response is also with different colors. Then you have lights on the backside of the seats in a very original way. There is no steering wheel, instead of it, you have an outstanding control pad to the right of the driver. You have a lot more space and view. When the doors are open they look like wings. Look at the transparent doors! Imagine driving that car in the city! What does all of this tell us? It tells us that we are moving very quickly into a new way of living and interacting with products in our everyday life with greater experience than ever before.

But this is not all, according to a video on Youtube, “Avatar 2 Will Change Movies Forever”:

By the way, if you want to learn more about James Cameron, you can read “The Futurist: The Life and Films of James Cameron”. Or you can also read “James Cameron: Interviews (Conversations with Filmmakers Series)”,

Who knows what more we will see in product design innovation very soon. This will inspire all of us.

Take a look at another model created by Mercedes Benz, a pure electric and autonomous car called Vision Urbanetic. You can change a module in a matter of minutes and you can have a taxi or delivery van.

Imagine having that car and the Dice lights at home and in the office. What an experience!

These Dice lights would look great in a room for children since it could give them a bit of light with a low intensity so they can sleep without being afraid. Some children are afraid of the light.

Dice also becomes an emergency light that turns white and alerts you when there is a blackout. So you do not have to stress running around your home looking for candle lights. =)

Once you buy Dice you will never go back to the old lights. That is for sure!


ONDA shows the different colors of the rainbow when your hand draws an invisible arch over the device. It is used to show the electricity consumption.

VOLO shows the color that you choose by moving your hand up and down on top of the device. According to the color you choose you create a special atmosphere in your home.

ORBITA regulates the intensity of the light when you circle with one finger around the top of the device.

POSA – You can set the color by moving your hand up or down. With 1 tap of your hand on the device, you send your selection to your smart lamps, and with 2 taps you turn your devices on or off.


Do not miss the videos on the website in order to get a better idea of the different functions

There are more videos on LinkedIn.

Dice lights can also be used to give light to plants. Lights are important for the growth of plants.

The product was shown on Italian Television.


You can order it via Paladin in Italy or Amazon worldwide
I like the images shown on the Amazon website. You can see how the Dice light might look in your office or home.


If you want to learn more about product design you can read “The Future of Design: Global Product Innovation for a Complex World” by Lorraine Justice.


So now it is not just about creating products that are interactive and elegant. it’s also about creating products that are sustainable.

Start thinking about your own product design and how you will prepare yourself and your company for the future. I certainly got a lot of inspiration from these innovative products.

Make your environments more exciting and feel like you are already living in the future. Start redesigning your home and office with Dice lights today and add your own ideas.

Share this article with your friends so they can also start redesigning their homes. Surrounding yourself with cutting-edge technology will also boost your creativity.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you are as excited as I am with this cutting-edge technology that is beautiful and cheap. It has everything you can wish for!

Written by Space Entrepreneur Veronica Chiaravalli

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