Being always connected is now an established fact. Whether it’s through the smartphone, tablet or pc, it doesn’t matter, more and more people are on the net daily basis.

iHealth is an example of a company, belonging to the world of the Internet of Things, that leveragesinnovation and technology to offer intelligent tools that help people in monitoring their health status . The smart tools offered by iHealth are useful and effective in managing patient health and well-being, as well as in their relationship with their medical specialist.

Hypertension, diabetes, cardiopathitis and cancer represent serious pathologies that need to be monitored constantly. iHealth’s smart products allow you to control all of these people’s core values and parameters , ensuring changes in therapy more quickly and effectively. Subjects who enjoy excellent health can use these smart tools to monitor their physical status in a preventive manner.

Accurate and complete monitoring

Smart products developed by iHealth are not common scales, pressure meters or glucometers. All of these tools are wireless and you can connect, update and record digitally, taking advantage of the potential ofiCloud . Through an app, it is possible to monitor the daily diary of patients in real time, allowing in case of need to intervene throughout the day.

The iHealth app allows you to record all patients’ values and vital parameters, analyzing them and creating summary and representative charts. The information is customizable through the use of your account, where you need to indicate your main features. Through the app the results of the surveys can be conveniently sent to the attending physician, thus having the possibility to make a precise and careful diagnosis at a distance.

A smart tool for everyone

The smart products of the iHealth line are different. What can be considered the flagships of the fleet, are without a doubt the wi-fi scale, the arm or wrist pressure meterand the glucometer. The first two can be used by all members of the family, creating different accounts. You can monitor your pressure values, heartbeats, weight, muscle and bone mass, calories and water percentage in your body.

These values will be recorded and stored after being associated with your profile. The glucometer responds instead to diabetic patients’ daily need to measure blood glucose level several times.

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