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Internet of Things in Italy: starting from the foundations

Creativity, inventiveness and dynamism. Here are three intrinsic characteristics of the Italians and the industrial realities of our country. The latter in particular are already well prepared to exploit the potential and benefits of Industry 4.0. The Internet of Things in Italy finds great potential for growth and affirmation. Thanks to the production of niche objects, the value of Made in Italy internationally and the orientation towards the customer, IoT technologies would make it possible to stretch the national supply chains. While the conditions are favourable on the one hand, unfortunately, there are barriers to overcome. The low propensity for investment and technological advancement of most Italian SMEs is known. Something is starting to move in the Bel Paese, even at the training level (Masters and courses on IoT and Big Data), but investment in R&D will struggle to get off the ground.

Creating the foundations for the development of the Internet of Things in Italy

For innovative IoT technologies to be adopted by Italian SMEs, a number of priority situations must be addressed. Below we summarized what are the basis for the affirmation of the Internet of Things in Italy.

  • Skill and Skill. It is vital to have competent people, able to understand, deal with and drive the technological change of individual realities. You can choose to train your in-house staff or collaborate with Digital Innovation Hubs. It is essential that Italian SMEs recognize the potential of Industry 4.0 and that they move towards IoT and Big Data technologies for all production processes.
  • Open platforms. Sharing knowledge has always been the best choice for evolution and continuous improvement. Creating open platforms for data sharing and analysis is certainly a step forward in integrating different IoT systems and developing integrated supply chains.
  • Competence Centres. Collaboration between different research subjects on IoT and Big Data is a competitive advantage that is not indifferent. Developing and adopting innovative technologies would be faster and more effective.

· Pilot projects. Experiment to demonstrate the actual advantage that the Internet of Things in Italy might have. The most hesitant companies would have the opportunity to verify the benefits of Industry 4.0 firsthand.

  • Mass adoption of IoT technologies.  The need to renovate machinery in Italian SMEs is an advantage for the total renewal of industrial processes. A real opportunity to adopt both IoT technologies for data collection and monitoring, and big data technologies for data analysis and processing.

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