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IDEVICE smart socket for any lamp

iDevice ‘s smart socket, bulb or socket turns any lamp into a smart, remotely controlled one.

With Device ‘s smart socket you can control the intensity and coloring of the lamp from your smartphone or tablet. At the base of the bulb there are LEDs that can change color, so you can use the iDevice socket as a soft colored light or you can remotely turn on or off lamp that you screwed in giving a touch of color to your environment.

This is a great solution to keep your current lamps making them smart.

The application on smartphones is intuitive and modern, you can set the power on and off durations , create combinations of lights to be switched on in case of multiple installations in house. In the garden you can also create fantastic environments. The software recognizes voice commands, is compatible with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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