Punctually the world of the Internet of Things offers us new wearable devices, at first glance they look like normal colored wristwatches, in fact in idle conditions only the time appears on the display in digital format, in reality they hide incredible features.

Many of these smart objects are designed and marketed with the intention of reaching the widest possible market share, while others are real niche products intended for a well-defined user.

for example Whoop 2.0, is the wearable device, thought and designed specifically for professional athletes, and in fact it is the first wrist device, approved by MLB for use during matches.

This very special wearable device stands out from the others because it ensures a correct recovery after a game session or after a workout, thanks to its active tips.

It's not the usual fitness tracker and the difference from other devices is in the analysis.

This smart device, applies predictive analysis, and helps athletes to better understand their body, especially in post activity, helping to understand how to recover after a hard training or a hard match.

The device is completely self-contained, meaning that you do not need to enter data manually. Lightweight and waterproof, designed to be worn 24 hours a day

The core system measures key variables up to 100 times per second. Among them: effort, recovery and even sleep. During the deepest phase of sleep, the device detects the variable heart rate, which, as scientifically proven, is an important indicator of the level of stress required for recovery.

Important research, conducted on NCAA athletes who have experienced Whoop, showed that the subjects studied: they increased the average sleep time up to 41 minutes longer, reduced injuries by 60%, reduced the use of alcohol before going to bed by 79% and the use of caffeine when waking up by 86%, this resulted in a lower heart rate of 4.4 bpm.

The WHOOP strap easily adapts to the size of the wrist circumference, there are numerous versions of coloring and as many material options, which allow you to customize it according to the occasion. All materials are stretchable and breathable.
Another special feature is the On The Go charging mode, Whoop is designed for continuous use so to charge it just slide the central body on the strap, without ever taking it off your wrist to charge it.

Thanks to the IoT solution represented by Whoop, the search for the perfect physical shape and body is not only sought after from an aesthetic point of view, but also from the point of view of psychophysical well-being.

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