Smart camcorder for the fridge

Wasting food is a sin, we've been taught since we were kids. Learning how to shop smart and buying the right things only when you need them is a great way to save money and avoid throwing away food. The latest research shows that tons of fruit and vegetables end up in the garbage every year. That's a double sin. If, on the one hand, we are talking about economic waste, on the other, we are talking about waste pollution. To find a solution to the problem, the StartUp Smarter he designed a smart camera for the fridge: FridgeCam.

Always know what's in the fridge under any circumstances

Thanks to FridgeCam you can monitor the food in your fridge at any time and wherever we are, without opening the door if we are at home. The operation of this smart device is very simple and guarantees the optimization of time and money. Simply place the smart camera for the fridge inside and connect to the relevant app. In this way, if you happen to be at the supermarket or market without remembering the food you already have, all you need to do is access your smartphone and monitor the contents of your fridge. This way you will avoid buying products you already have! Useful, isn't it?

Smart camera tips for the fridge

FridgeCam it doesn't just act as a camera. It is, in fact, able to suggest appetizing recipes using the ingredients in the refrigerator. This function allows us to never expire and avoid throwing food away.
Are you habitual and follow a certain diet? FridgeCam is able to store your habits, alerting us in time when the stock of our favourite products is nearing its end.

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Connection and duration of FridgeCam

The autonomy of the intelligent camera for the fridge is about 3 months. Once the battery has discharged, it will be sufficient to connect it to the power with a common USB cable. FridgeCam uses the WiFi connection and it is already predisposed to interact with other devices of your smart home. The compatibility is multiple: it works with Amazon, Apple, Google. For a correct functioning it is recommended to place it on the internal surface of the refrigerator door. After being activated, you can immediately connect to the app. Here, you will have access to the community of FridgeCam and data related to studies, statistics and research also from other users.

Why buy a smart fridge when you can make yours smart? With FridgeCam you'll always have everything under control and you can say goodbye to waste.

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This smart device is just one of many IoT objects that accompany us in our daily lives. Find out how to make your home smart with other smart objects!


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