Panasonic Smart Table

Every single object in the house can be transformed into a smart device. The smart table Panasonic is proof of that. The Japanese brand is convinced of the future of the Internet of Things and the Future Home Innovation concept. And that's how he designed and developed a smart table with built-in display, able to connect to the WiFi network and communicate with smartphones and appliances. In this article we find out what this is all about and how it works.

Reinvent everything: here's the Panasonic smart table

Evolution brings change. Innovation and technology are the undisputed protagonists of everything that concerns the IoT world. They know it well in Japan and that's why they try to reinvent everything. And that's how in a few years you too will be able to exhibit the Panasonic smart table. It is much more than a table. Thanks to its interactive pen display you can perform many actions. By placing your smartphone on the top shelf, for example, you can read messages and emails, check missed calls and make video calls. But functionality doesn't stop there. The beating heart of the Internet of things is the interaction between multiple devices in any environment. Here, that the Panasonic smart table, promises to communicate with all devices in the house. From the bathroom to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the living room.

Continuous integration and interaction

A simple touch of the Panasonic smart table display will allow you to interact with another smart device. You can adjust the temperature of a room, manage security cameras and monitor what happens in the garden or garage. Lots of useful functions that will simplify your daily life, optimizing your time.
Thinking of a table, the mind is catapulted into the kitchen. The designers of the Japanese brand know this well, and this is how they have foreseen an incredible function: the smart table is, in fact, prepared to heat and cook some food through the induction system. In short, a real multifunctional smart object, useful for everyday life.

To get the Panasonic smart table you have to wait a few more months as the project is in development, but the premises are really interesting. While waiting for the smart table, you can start turning your home into a smart home: here find the presentation of some of the best smart devices for the home currently on the market.


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