Wake Up Softly

The sound of the alarm clock has always been one of the most unbearable aspects when you get up in the morning. Many of us, sleepy, continue to post the alert, chasing the world's most famous 5 minutes. The world of the Internet of Things offers a solution to morning trauma. It's called Zeeq and it's a smart pillow. Designed and manufactured by the Rem-Fit team, it is a product born thanks to the Kickstarter platform. Thanks to Zeeq you can wake up softly and without any problems. In this article we discover together all the functions and features of this intelligent pillow.

Monitor sleep to wake up softly

To date, all of our vital parameters are measurable through a smartphone or wearable. For those who want to monitor their sleep and wake up gently, Zeeq is the best choice among hundreds of IoT products. A smart, soft and comfortable pillow, able to record the phases of your sleep, monitor and analyze the quality of your rest, help you not to snore, but above all to fall asleep and wake up softly by playing music.

How does Zeeq work?

Thanks to a microphone and a chip built into the smart pillow, your sleep will be monitored and analysed. In the event of an activity survey, it will begin to vibrate, prompting you to change position, but without waking you up. Awesome, right?! The Zeeq smart pillow can be connected via app (both Android and iOS) to your smartphone. This is very useful if you are interested, or simply curious, to check the data collected during the night. It can be activated through its remote control, simple and intuitive, rechargeable with a USB socket. The estimated battery life is about one week,

Wake up softly to the sound of music

Thanks to Zeeq you can say goodbye to the annoying sound of the alarm clock! This is not a simple device, but an active participant of your sleep. Zeeq emits sounds and sweet music to help you sleep, monitor your rest and wake you up smart! The music to choose from can also be customized according to your personal taste.

So much for the annoying snoring. Welcome quiet sleep

The smart pillow not only allows you to wake up softly, it also helps you to stop snoring. As soon as it registers the beginning of the activity, by means of a slight vibration, it invites you to change position.
In addition to these functions, Zeeq has all the features to be considered one of the most comfortable and comfortable pillows ever. Soft to rest, supportive to read and talk, it is made of high quality materials. Like all cushions, this smart pillow is removable and washable without any problem. The dimensions, finally, are standard. A seemingly normal pillow, which holds a very precious secret.

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