We live in a world made up of people who are increasingly stressed, timeless, always on the run and therefore without energy.

"Stress" is a term that is now very common, coming out of everyone's mouth every day, both at work and at home, where chores are never lacking anyway.

Technology has always had the mission to improve and simplify people's lives.

Spire is the smart object of the IoT world of wellness that does it very well, because it combines its ease of use with the interesting results it offers. The creators call it the only activity tracker in the world able to detect breaths and reduce stress, which really works.

Spire notices even before the person using it when there are moments of strong tension and immediately sends a notification to the smartphone of the stressed person, to invite him to perform guided breathing and meditation exercises. In this way, calm returns and worse moments of intense stress, which always add up over the course of the various days, are avoided. It is easy to deduce that Spire can be a great ally for everyone and especially for people suffering from anxiety disorders; it practically connects the body to the mind and one becomes fully aware of one's limits before turning them into stress.

Spire can always be carried with you thanks to its clip and can therefore be attached to, for example, trousers or T-shirt.

The device is always connected to your smartphone, from which you can view a detailed report of your breaths using intuitive graphs. Not only that, Spire also keeps track of moments of inactivity and physical activity, tension, relaxation and mental attention. All this through the dedicated app, available both on the App Store and Google Play Store, so Spire is compatible with both Apple devices with iOS and other brands, based on Android. It can be recharged wirelessly by placing it on the pad provided, a circular-shaped charging surface with a pattern reminiscent of wood. The package includes the pad and Spire Stone, the device you always carry with you, which is also nice to show off - it won the National Design Award by Cooper Hewitt.

The cost?

And if you are not satisfied you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. In any case, this is very rare since there are over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, released by customers who have bought Spire.


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