Learn to program while having fun.

Thanks to Sphero Sprk+ children, teenagers and, why not, adults can try their hand at writing computer code strings and develop their skills and knowledge. An educational robot ball that is depopulating all over Europe, especially in the UK, appreciated both as a recreational activity and as a support to teaching. An intelligent and innovative object, a child of the Internet of Things, which also finds positive opinions among teachers.

More than a robot ball

Stimulate curiosity and inventiveness with a robot ball and learn the language of computer programming, but also know the members of the community and share with them opinions, doubts and thoughts. Combined with Sphero Sprk+, in fact, there is the Lightining Lab app, easily downloadable on your iPhone or smartphone, or on your iPad or tablet. Through the Lightining Lab and Sphero Sprk+ app you can connect with users all over the world and share your creations! There are many activities to do: from simple and practical exercises to get familiar with the programming language, to more articulated activities such as exploring a labyrinth, creating an image or recreating the solar system.

Develop your imagination with a robot ball

There are no limits to creativity and programming possibilities. With Sphero Sprk+ you can realize everything your imagination and fantasy will develop. Thanks to the app, this smart object is able to make programming accessible to everyone. The community is already very populated and the profiles of the members are the most varied: from children with a passion for computer science to teachers, students and parents. A single social platform to develop your skills and share the results achieved and the creations developed!

Technical characteristics

Sphero Sprk+ is a robot ball from the fantastic world of the Internet of Things. It is equipped with a perfectly integrated Blutooth 4.0+ system to reduce consumption to a minimum. The coating is scratch-resistant with UV protection and in the latest version is also waterproof. The battery lasts up to one hour and the charging time is about 3 hours. The weight is low, not even 182 grams. Small and compact, this robot ball is perfect in combination with the free Lightning Lab app. Included in the package are the induction charging base, quick start guide, charging cable and Genius Kit with protractor and labyrinth development tape.

The future in a robot ball

We are convinced that the world of the Internet of Things is the future. There are many areas in which technology is advancing, supporting and helping the everyday life of each of us. Sphero Sprk+ is a good example of how a smart object can be a valuable aid in education and education. Thanks to this robotic ball, complex and sometimes boring topics appear funny to everyone; robotics and computer science are explained with simplicity and fun.

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