The world of the Internet of Things is populated by smart objects for everyday life, including self-care. Today we're talking about a very special smart mirror. It's called Hi Mirror and its purpose is not only to reflect your image, but to analyze your face and recommend the most suitable makeup. An innovative and technological tool for body and beauty care. A smart object loved and appreciated by every woman.

How not to be afraid of different lighting conditions thanks to the intelligent mirror

Hi Mirror features a built-in camera that takes snapshots of faces, scans them, studies skin conditions and offers tips on how to hide flaws and imperfections with makeup. The internal memory also allows you to store all files, allowing you to monitor and verify improvements over time.
An interesting option is the possibility to opt for different illuminations by simulating different lighting conditions. This mechanism works thanks to the built-in LEDs in Hi Mirror. Daylight, sunset, office, evening party or shopping mall, it doesn't matter, this smart mirror can evaluate all environments. After the analysis, he will propose the best trick to show you. Wrinkles, moles, imperfections, pimples or spots can thus be covered and harmonized with the make-up suggested by the intelligent mirror.

Intelligent Mirror Memory and Specifications

Hi Mirror boasts a considerable memory that allows you to view images from the previous month as well. In addition, you can register a maximum of 6 users. This innovative intelligent mirror holds 2.5 kg, with a 14 inch display and a processor with 8 CPU cores. In addition to the smart mirror, a simple and intuitive remote control is also included in the packaging, which allows you to send input to the display. Thanks to the music functionality, you can listen to your favourite tracks while you do your make-up. Microphones also allow you to send and store voice messages. The wallpaper with the clock is fully customizable according to your individual needs and preferences.

Hi Mirror is an example of how the smart devices of the Internet of Things are perfect for every single occasion, even the most natural and simple everyday gestures. If you are interested in discovering other intelligent objects, click here to read other presentations.

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