Nightmares, are not simple whims, important scientific studies carried out in the last thirty years, have shown that nightmares develop, in the REM phase, a phase of deep sleep, which, however, is very restless, and is therefore defined "unhealthy".

Scholars have formulated a hypothesis from this evidence; keeping the deep sleep phase "serene", allows children not to have nightmares. But how can you do it?
To achieve this result they have designed an IoT Solution that emits vibrations, simulating the gesture parents make when they cradle the baby and preventing abrupt awakening.

We know that it is very difficult not to interfere in the middle of a nightmare night, but by doing so we make the moment of fear stronger and longer lasting.
The specialists recommend that instead of hugging or trying to wake the child, simply make sure that there is no real physical danger. Heavy objects, toys on the floor that could be in the way, stairs in the immediate vicinity.
In cases of severe night terrors, one must remain calm and wait for it to pass.
Or you can safely rely on Lully Sleep Guardian.

The Hi Tech device, as the creators explain, is the result of a long scientific work carried out in collaboration with experts from Stanford University and Minnesota.

Thanks to Lully Sleep Guardian, the Internet of Things promises to give children a good night's sleep without nightmares.

But let's see how to use the sleep guardian.
The small device must be placed under the mattress of the child's cot and can be controlled remotely via a specific App installed on the parent's smartphone.

The application allows you to activate or deactivate the small device, control its operation and also has an important function of tracking the sleep of the child, which through a thermal mapping, helps parents to understand when the activation is really necessary.

Usually the children don't remember anything about the nightmare they had the next morning. The parent mistakenly tends to be anxious and ask a lot of questions to the child, this behavior only increases the fear of sleep.
Thermal mapping allows you to see when the restless sleep phase is about to take place, then the nightmare, and nip it in the bud thanks to the vibrations. In addition, we can also monitor progress during the use of the device.

The manufacturer and the creators of the sleep guardian have published verification tests conducted on the IoT device, which show a net 90% reduction in children's nightmares. In some cases, it is pointed out that the nightmares have completely disappeared.

It is recommended to use the smart guardian, every night for a period of at least four weeks, after which it can be activated only in case of return of nightmares.

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