Thanks to Edyn's high-tech kit, you can monitor environmental and soil conditions to improve the growth of plants and flowers in your garden.

The star of this smart solution is the Edyn soil sensor. Whether flowers or plants, it doesn't matter, just set Edyn to carry out environmental and soil analyses based on the cultivated flora. Thanks to this smart object, a child of the Internet of Things, you can guarantee a healthy life for all plants at home.

Cultivate sustainably thanks to the soil sensor

Through the Edyn system, which can be connected to the company app, you can constantly monitor all your crops, whether flowers or plants, and in case of problems and unforeseen events, intervene promptly to overcome the difficulties. Edyn is the terrain sensor that allows, through the app, to collect fundamental data for the maintenance of a small green area, whether private or public. Whether it's a passion, a hobby or a profession, cultivating a piece of land is a demanding activity that requires special care and theoretical knowledge. Thanks to Edyn you can analyze data about weather and spatial conditions and then receive valuable suggestions to improve productivity.

A simple and functional IoT solution

The Edyn kit includes the soil sensor, responsible for collecting the information and sending it to the app, the app that monitors and analyzes the data, transforming them into answers and advice for the end user, the automatic sprinkler that, based on the processing of the app, irrigates or not your garden or vegetable garden. Edyn is a simple and functional IoT solution that delivers incredible results in terms of both floridity and economic return. On the app you can also follow the growth of more and different types of plants and flowers, discovering the seasonal advice that Edyn will give you about the best periods to plant, prune, leave to rest. If your garden is still uncultivated, Edyn will analyse the soil and indicate the most suitable seeds for it.

The continuous evolution of the garden

Soil conditions are constantly changing and knowing these changes certainly helps to promote the well-being of plants. Edyn Garden Sensor tracks all the information related to exposure and light, humidity and temperature; once all this data has been collected, it processes it and provides customized guidelines on the treatments to follow, the amount of water for irrigation and its frequency. You will no longer have any doubts about what to do to have a lovely garden! The Edyn terrain sensor is the most valuable ally for professionals and the most trusted advisor for those without green thumbs!

The Edyn Garden sensor is perfectly integrable with Edyn Valve for optimal irrigation management of your garden.

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