Propeller is a smart device that allows you to manage asthma attacks and disorders related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with ease.

It is a small sensor able to measure where, when and why the first symptoms occur, in order to better manage asthmatic crises, preventing them and treating them in time. Without Propeller the only solution to control asthma would be to take medication and then manually transcribe all the symptoms; you would always be afraid to do common activities, such as playing with your friends in the case of children (in Italy 1 in 10 suffer from asthma - it is one of the most common childhood diseases). With Propeller, however, all this does not exist and is of help not only for yourself but also for your doctor, to whom the device would provide a history of symptoms detected day after day.

Propeller allows to reduce asthma attacks up to 79% and to have more than 50% more days free from asthma and COPD problems, so to live peacefully and without the limits usually imposed by the two syndromes that are characterized by breathing difficulties and bronchial obstruction.

Starting to use Propeller is really simple, you first need to subscribe to the program online, from your smartphone or computer (it takes 5 minutes). Then you order the device and once you have it, it is attached to your inhaler (Propeller works with most Bluetooth inhalers and spirometers on the market) and you can start to treat yourself as you used to. Propeller at this point, however, understands what can cause the symptoms and on the official app, available free of charge for iPhone and Android smartphones, shows the activities to do daily, tips (such as covering yourself with a scarf when the weather is cold) and the days when you need to take your medications. So don't forget about the dressings, which are taken on average 50% more than those who do not use Propeller, the intelligent sensor of the IoT world of health.

For more information and to subscribe to the online program of Propeller Click here or Contact us!


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