Save Electricity

Are you looking for an intelligent system to save electricity? Do you want to reduce consumption without sacrificing practicality and convenience? Do you care about protecting the environment and our planet? Good, Light Sentry is the solution for you. A smart device that will allow you to modulate the light emitted by your lamps according to natural levels of darkness and total switch-on time. An IoT system that can be perfectly integrated with household appliances and that will make it even more smart your home.

A perfect combination of energy-saving devices

The Light Sentry kit consists of 3 main devices. These are tools with different functions, but combined together they save electricity. They are all wireless, cheap and, above all, easy to install.

Light Sensor - The sensor that picks up the amount of light

It is a reader of natural brightness, i.e. that of the sun's rays. Designed and built to be installed on both an outdoor and indoor surface, it can also be placed in the garden. The natural light sensor has a photo cell that collects and processes all data related to the sun's brightness. All sensors are strategically positioned to receive the maximum amount of sunlight. The data collected are thus sent regularly to the main control unit so as to activate the commands more in line with the lighting conditions present. The design of these sensors is simple and modern so it does not clash with the surrounding environment.

Light Sentry Hub - The beating heart to save electricity

A control unit that receives the data collected by the sensors, processes it and provides output to the connected devices. Small in size, similar to a smartphone, it is the central node that allows efficient communication between the sensors and the Power Gates. Thanks to the Light Sentry Hub, lighting systems will receive the correct inputs in terms of timing and scattered light intensity. Programming the Light Sentry Hub is very simple, just a few clicks on your tablet or smartphone. Just follow all the steps and instructions. You can choose the settings for each single day of the week and combine several different factors (weather, brightness, darkness).

Power Gates - The device that sends the outputs

These are the individual devices that pick up the outputs of the Light Sentry Hub and act accordingly. They are individually programmable, adapt to any type of electrical outlet and are perfect for both lamps and household appliances. Thanks to the manual override option, you can independently manage only certain devices during special days or occasions, without having to reprogram the entire system.

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