According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency, up to 70% of the total water consumption of a house with a garden during the hot season is attributable to irrigation.

Experts estimate that more than 50% of drinking water is wasted due to the high quantities supplied for irrigation, in addition to the waste of a very important resource, we must also consider the costs in the bill.

how to have a lush garden, not waste water and save money?

Very simple! Just rely on RainMachinean outdoor hub, capable of handling every aspect of theirrigation.
RainMachine, is the certified and tested high tech solution that keeps our water management for gardening under control, avoiding waste and guaranteeing healthy and luxuriant plants.
This extraordinary high-tech object efficiently and automatically adjusts the irrigation program based on real weather conditions.
Via the integrated Wi-Fi connection, RainMachine, processes the download of data from thousands of weather stations at six-hour intervals.

The very high IoT technology, offers constant and complete monitoring, assessing not only precipitation, but also temperatures and wind intensity.

The special Freeze Control and Heat Wave Protection system makes it a product scientifically designed with the aim of protecting also the vegetation concerned, so we have irrigation efficiency and drastic reduction of waste and limitation of risks related to an incorrect water supply.
RainMachine Although it represents the evolution of the Internet of Things, it does not require specific skills for configuration and use, it is very easy to install, and the package includes synchronization with the dedicated application, available in both iOS and Android versions.
The Easy Connect and Easy Control technology, offers a secure interface that allows us to know in real time the details of the amount of water dispensed and allows us to increase or decrease the flow rate. A special 6.5-inch touchscreen display makes any operation much easier.

With the smart irrigation system RainMachineIn a few simple steps, we can verify the right water supply cycle, the right amount of water, reducing the runoff to a minimum.

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This intelligent planning not only reduces waste but also allows us to achieve a high potential for saving water resources and related costs.
Like all outdoor IoT technologies, the RainMachine smart irrigation system is suitable for outdoor life, allowing control of twelve zones simultaneously. There is also a version for the control of sixteen zones. It saves us money, time and help our planet.

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Smart working, translated into Italian with the term agile work, has become a widely used word in recent weeks. 
The question that many users ask is: will smart working increase the bill? How much more does it cost to use PC, Wifi? 
The response is fortunately positive: for all those already equipped with routers, the bill will only increase by a few euros!
Other good news: the Energy Authority, ARERA, has announced that for this quarter are expected drops in bills of all the Italians, due to the emergency.
For more information, please see the following website.


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