Fortrezz Automated Water Shut-off Valve is an object belonging to the IoT world of home automation that allows you to protect your home from damage caused by a broken water pipe.

With the Fortrezz people are no longer afraid of water leaks inside their homes, which would be a real disaster: they would flood their homes and thus damage all the furnishings.

The smart valve of Fortrezz integrates sensors and a water flow meter to prevent leakage.

It is available in both indoor and outdoor versions and couples with the Z-wave home network, a wireless protocol designed specifically for home automation.

The valve is spherical and robotized, this allows to automatically and immediately block the flow of water in case of leakage or if the water emission exceeds, i.e. when it is higher than expected and becomes potentially risky. The valve is made of brass, the tubular dimensions are standard (1/2″ , 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/4″) and therefore complies with the parameters defined by the municipal authorities.

Three different light indicators indicate different situations: the red light indicates that the valve is closed, the yellow light that is in Z-wave mode and the green light that is open.

There are also two tactile switches to activate the valve manually, which can otherwise be operated remotely using your smartphone.

In case of leakage, the automatic valve of Fortrezz sends an email instantly or makes an automatic call to the owner, depending on the settings previously set.

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Fortrezz Automated Water Shut-off Valve is manufactured in the United States using high quality, durable materials; all units are tested at 250,000 cycles to ensure long-term operation.

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