Adjusting the temperature of the shower

To start the day energetically or to eliminate tiredness in the evening. Fast, relaxing and appreciated by all. It can last 5 or 20 minutes. Appreciated both in summer and winter. It's the shower. A daily gesture to take care of yourself. Moen, American company specialized in bathroom and kitchen products, has realized U Shower. Here's how to adjust the temperature of the shower becomes quick and easy, just a click on your smartphone. Remote management and high customization are the main features of the intelligent shower.

How does the smart smartphone adjustable shower work

The smart device designed and manufactured by the American company Moen, allows you to take advantage of the properties of a wall mounted digital controller connected to your smartphone. With clean and modern lines, the wall controller consists of a 5-inch LCD screen, unfortunately not touchscreen. Adjusting the temperature will be so easy and fast. Once the water reaches the selected degrees, the controller will send a notification and an audio signal to your smartphone. The temperature range is very wide from 15 to 48 degrees Celsius, or 60 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal both for early risers who love colder temperatures and for those who want to find comfort after a day of work with a nice hot shower.

An app to regulate the temperature of the shower

The American team has also developed an app, perfect for both iOS and Android. The latter, via a wi-fi connection, connects directly to the shower, allowing you to switch the water jet on and off, as well as selecting one of the 10 available solutions.
U-Shower is also a smart solution to reduce consumption. Thanks to its Pause function, in fact, it allows you to temporarily stop the water supply once the desired and set temperature has been reached.

Some technical details

The devices produced by Moen are based on wi-fi and cloud connections. The U system allows you to connect up to 4 water outlets. The change in water temperature can be easily guessed by looking at the background colour of the wall controller screen. This, in fact, varies from blue to red, becoming purple, yellow, orange, depending on the degrees reached by the water in the shower. The app updates are all automatic.
An intelligent solution that provides a pleasant daily experience, saving time and energy consumption.

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The world of the Internet of Things is full of innovative and technological products that help to manage and optimize the already hectic daily routine. If you are curious to discover other smart products to make your home smarter and smarter, Click here.


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