Is the therapy working? How does the body react to prescribed medication? What are the effects of the drugs on my body?

These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves when we start a treatment and to which we cannot give a definite answer. The world of the Intenet of Things offers an intelligent solution to these questions. There is a smart pill that is able to monitor in real time the effectiveness of the therapies followed and the drugs taken. Proteus Discover, the name of the smart pill, is a pioneer microchip in digital medicine that once ingested gives us a precise and personalised clinical picture of our state of health.

How the smart pill Proteus Discover works

To make sure that the therapy you are following is well perceived by your body, digital medicine has developed Proteus Discover, a system consisting of a smart pill that you have to swallow and that is activated once you reach the stomach, a lap belt with a sensor to wear, a downloadable app on your smartphone that records and processes the data transmitted by the sensor. The data collected can be sent to doctors in real time and at any time. Thanks to this IoT solution you can get significant information about your health status, as well as being a valuable support for the quantitative regularity and timing of medicines.

Personalised care thanks to Proteus Discover

Managing your medications, dosages and therapies is not easy, especially when there are different types. Research has shown that most medications are not taken correctly and this leads to new therapies and higher costs. Thanks to the smart Proteus Discover pill, health care will be more effective and personalized, because each individual will be able to monitor their health status and update their doctor in real time, allowing you to study in detail the individual reaction to the prescribed therapy.

The advance of digital medicine

In an increasingly technologically advanced world, even the more traditional sectors such as medicine need to develop in order to improve the lives of individuals. The world of the Internet of things, plays its role by providing a vast amount of intelligent objects. The Proteus smart pill is just one of many examples of IoT devices available on the market and aimed at the care and well-being of people. Smart healthcare products are a good example of how digital medicine can make a real contribution to the development of technology in all fields.

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