Everyday life is full of commitments, thoughts and chores. You may forget to take a pill or verify that a loved one has done so.

The Internet of Things is getting closer and closer to our needs and requirements, and because of this, smart objects are developing fast, responding to the different needs of each of us. AdhereTech has developed an intelligent pill holder, based on wireless connection, which collects in real time all data related to the intake of medicines, analyzes them through an internal software and, in case of forgetfulness, sends to patients, or their guardians, notifications and alerts, through automatic calls or text messages.

A pillbox that saves lives and aids research

This magnificent IoT device has been studied, developed and built by a team of American specialists, using the latest technology and medical knowledge. A perfect combination to improve, and save, the lives of all of us. The use of this intelligent pill holder is simple and intuitive, no complex setup is required, and data is sent immediately and automatically, wherever you are. Alerts and notifications are customizable according to individual preferences: you can choose between automatic call, text message, lights and notification lights or bells and sounds. All these warning modes are absolutely adjustable and customizable. Easy to use, the product made by AdhereTech has the classic shape of a pill container with a removable cap and child safety system. This smart device complies with the strictest and most stringent safety regulations, certified according to all American and European regulations. The battery has an average life of 6 months, and the smart pill holders are rechargeable in the same way as smartphones.

A wireless container and an app for everyone

The strengths of this intelligent pillbox are its practicality and ease of use. All you need is your smart device and the app, easily downloadable to smartphones, tablets and PCs with iOS or Android system. You will no longer have the anxiety and fear of forgetting to take a pill, and you can also monitor remotely and at any time of the day whether or not a loved one has taken the prescribed pill, receiving a notification in case of forgetfulness.

The advantages of developing smart objects belonging to the fantastic world of the Internet of Things are multiple and multi-sector. Certainly, in the field of medicine, health and well-being of people, these are giant steps that are of great importance for the whole community.

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