Parrott, a French company specializing in the development of smart devices, has devised Flower Powerthe first wireless sensor network for plants.

It is an incredible sensor able to assess the needs of plants and warn those who take care of them whenever necessary, through instant notifications sent by the official application available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

So with Parrott Flower Power Anyone can try their hand at planting and plant care, just like a true green thumb expert.

The intelligent sensor, in fact, analyzes 4 fundamental parameters of plants, in real time: ambient temperature, sunlight, soil moisture and fertilizer levels in the soil. The analysis is performed on the Parrott Cloud via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection. Within the app you can consult a database, developed by botanical experts, with the various types of plants (about 6,000 varieties) and information and advice on their care.

All data is collected every 15 minutes, so the health of the plants (whether they are planted in soil or in a pot) and their vital needs are always monitored.

All recorded information is stored every 2 hours on your smartphone app using Bluetooth LE technology (low energy - low power consumption) if you are in the vicinity of the plant equipped with a sensor. Otherwise, if your smartphone is far away from the Flower Power and therefore Bluetooth cannot work, the data is stored in memory for up to 80 days. In order to receive notifications from the app it is not necessary to be near the sensor and therefore the plant.

The features of Parrott Flower Power are numerous.

With the app you can keep track of the status of the sensors and thus of the fertilizer levels (to be able to plan when to fertilize a plant, for example), the moisture level (to know when it is time to water), water levels, temperature, light, etc., so that you are always alerted if, for example, the light level is low or if it is time to water the plant.

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The device, from the IoT world of gardening, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to the waterproof materials used, which are robust and able to withstand any type of temperature (from -10 to 55°C). Parrott Flower Power is available in 3 different colours: light blue, green and brown and measures 15x20x2 cm.

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