Until a few years ago it seemed like science fiction, something unreal and light years away from our present.

Today it is reality, an intelligent object that uses the power of our thinking to perform actions. Neurosky has developed an Internet of Things device that uses brain waves to control our actions. Using the smart device designed and built by NeuroSky's research team, it is possible to perform simple actions and tasks through the waves emitted by our brain. These are transformed into real messages translated by software installed in this fantastic intelligent object. Through the NeuroSky device you can take part in virtual video game challenges, paint, play sports, program and learn.

An intelligent object that turns thoughts into actions

MindWave Mobile is the name given to this intelligent object able to turn our thoughts into concrete actions. It is a sensor that detects human brain waves with high accuracy, on a par with, or close to, the best professional ECG machines used in hospitals and diagnostic centers. The novelty of this intelligent object compared to its predecessors, is the use of a "dry" sensor, i.e. that does not require the use of an ionic gel on the skin to be activated, accompanied by a sophisticated algorithm for filtering external noise, which allows it to be used in any environment. MindWave is worn as a pair of headphones, placing the metal sensor in direct contact with the skin on the left side of the forehead and stapling a second electrode to the right ear lobe. The intelligent object is connected via Bluetooth to your PC, tablet or smartphone and is directly in synergy with the app.

One app to perform multiple functions, have fun and learn

By downloading the app connected to MindWave you can try your hand at games, puzzles, lessons, meditations and discoveries. Thanks to this intelligent object, in fact, you can have fun with one of the many downloadable games, but also follow lessons and learn notions, as well as find peace and quiet during meditations. Use your thoughts to change the actions and behaviors of the characters in movies and cartoons, also changing the entire plot of the story. The signal between the smart device and the computer, tablet or smartphone, is managed through a wireless connection, while games can be purchased on the App Store and Google Play. When purchasing the MindWave kit, 10 fun and educational applications are included in the initial package.

The many advantages of MindWave, the intelligent object of the future

Easy to use, intuitive and non-invasive, thanks to its unique "dry" sensor can be worn and used wherever you are. Suitable for young and old, in addition to the purely playful aspect, it is an intelligent object that allows you to learn new notions and relax more easily. A technology that will certainly find interesting and increasingly exciting developments in the near future. The world of the Internet of Things never sleeps and MindWave is the intelligent object of the future, discover it too!

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