Music to see
Music to see

Music will no longer just mean listening, but also virtual reality viewing. MelodyVR is the startup that will revolutionize the way we live music. Its mission is to integrate the auditory component with the visual one through the potential of virtual reality. It will be like attending a live concert in person. I mean, music to see. Close partnerships with manufacturers are respectable. To the already confirmed Warner and Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment has also been added.

Virtual reality for music to see

Now that the collaborations are defined, all that remains is to focus on the development of the app and its marketing. Thanks to MelodyVR it will be like attending a live concert, but where and when you want. Comfortably on the sofa in the living room, on the way home - school - work, in the park. Virtual reality and development of the incredible world of the Internet of Thing are the two main ingredients of the music to see. Simply download and install the MelodyVR app and wear one of the smart devices compatible with it. Whether they are Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboards, Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Google Daydream View. The important thing is that it is an augmented reality viewer.

Ready, set, go... download the app!

Just follow this link to download the app currently available only for the most important VRs. Through smart devices and the app it will be so easy and immediate to attend real concerts of famous bands and singers. It won't be a problem anymore not being able to buy a ticket to a concert.

Technology and innovation: all the way to the conquest of the IoT world!

The development and affirmation of the Internet Of Things world, it is known, are the result of the advancement of technology and innovation. The continuous studies and projects carried out or about to be carried out allow all of us to transform thoughts of future projections into real, concrete and, above all, contemporary cases. If until yesterday it seemed impossible to develop a product like the MelodyVR app, today it is reality. Everyone can or will be the protagonists of virtual reality. Taking advantage of the incredible products of the Internet of Things every day.


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