There are many devices on the market that we are offered as monitoring systems for newborns, but not all of them are IoT.

These particular hi tech devices allow us to control the baby during sleep, from rooms far away from each other and allow us to carry out our domestic activities, with the security of always being able to know when the baby cries, coughs or simply needs our presence.
The latest generation of devices, compared to the classic intercom, are rich in features, take advantage of better frequencies, have a greater range, ensure a clean sound, free of noise or background noise, and greatly expand the possibility of always keep everything under control, there are many different types for shape, application, operation, etc..

At the time of purchase you must be able to choose the model best suited to our needs, the main feature is the frequency, the higher this will be, the lower the risk of problems, the absence of interference, in fact, allows you to be always ready to intervene in case you need it.

In this article we will discover MonBaby the smart button.

MonBaby is a monitor designed to be applied to a baby's clothes, just like a button or button. The uniqueness of this IoT device lies in its form: universal. It can be used during all phases of the child's growth because it can be applied to any garment, from the onesie to the T-shirt.

MonBaby takes a different approach to monitoring, the proactive one. It is able to detect breathing, movements, body position and allows us to receive the alerts we want, directly on the dedicated Smartphone App.

MonBaby is one of the IoT solutions characterized by maximum flexibility in use and price, cheaper than any other wearable baby monitor, and is available in three different colors: white, light blue and pink.

But how do you use MonBaby? Just three moves:
1 - attach the clip to the onesie
2 - we synchronize the device to the App
3 - we monitor the newborn directly from the screen of our Smartphone

Measurements are taken in real time, five times per second, and transmitted to the application available for iOS or Android devices.

Thanks to this small smart object we can make sure that the child is sleeping in the safest position so we can set the reception of the sound notification when changing position, we can set an alarm if the child moves too far from our radius, or a fall alarm that reveals the sudden movement, as well as keep under control fundamental parameters such as breathing.
Mon Baby represents an extra attention that the world of the Internet of Things has towards children and their safety.

For more details and purchase at Amazon: Click here1


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