Smart Coffee Machine

Waking up in the morning is almost always difficult, especially if the annoying sound of the alarm clock interrupts sleep. For many, then, it is virtually impossible to start the day without the right amount of caffeine. If getting up has become a feat, then the world of the Internet of Things is trying to give you more pleasant awakenings to start a new day with maximum charge. Today we present the Smarter Coffee Machinethe intelligent coffee machine with Wi-Fi connection.

The Smart Coffee Machine that accompanies you from morning till night

The Smarter Coffee Machine is syncable with an app compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. With just a few clicks you can program the alarm clock function or coffee preparation wherever you are, at any time. This way, in addition to finding the aroma of coffee when you wake up, you can also start the smart machine when you're on your way home from the office. On your return you can enjoy a good, well-deserved coffee at home.

Much more than a coffee machine

Through the settings of the app you can change the grain fineness. The integrated grinder is easily adjustable directly from the mobile application. Depending on your personal taste, you will get a more or less dense drink. A sophisticated sensor is positioned inside the intelligent coffee machine to monitor the water level. In order to avoid clogging of the filters, you will receive a notification if you need to add new water. The alarm function boasts 12 different alarms, so you can be sure you're not trapped between the duvet in the bed!

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Connection, notifications and smart coffee machine features

The Smarter Coffee Machine is equipped with a series of sensors that allow you to send notifications directly to your smartphone. Not only when there is no water, but also when the coffee is ready. The connection between the smart coffee machine and your mobile phone is via WiFi.
The water tank capacity is 1.5 litres, which corresponds to about 12 cups of coffee. The intensity of the coffee is easily adjustable, as is the thickness of the grinding. Once you've prepared your drink, it will stay warm for about half an hour.

The Smarter Coffee Machine is just an example of a smart device for the home. The world of the Internet of Things boasts countless intelligent objects to help people live their daily lives quickly and easily. In our category smart home you will find many other smart objects to live every day connected.

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