How many times have you lost the keys to a lock? Or worse, to forget the combination? It happens. The hectic everyday life completely absorbs us and sometimes we don't remember where we put the objects. Same with the numbers. There are countless secret combinations to keep in mind, from personal to professional credit cards, from the main phone numbers to passwords for PCs, smartphones, programs, emails. Fortunately, technology is our ally, as is the world of the Internet of Things. Today, for example, we want to talk to you about a very interesting smart device: Master Lock, the smart padlock with app.

Goodbye keys, welcome smart padlock with app

If you have so far abandoned the idea of not using a padlock for fear of losing your keys or not remembering the combination, know that you can finally safely lock your suitcases, backpacks, bike chains and lockers. What? Simply with a smart padlock with app. These are Master LockA lock that does not require keys and is connected directly to your smartphone via app. With this you can close and unlock the innovative security system wherever you are. Awesome, right? A padlock with a modern but traditional design, with a highly innovative and technological soul.

Technical features of the smart padlock with app

A 47mm wide metal body and a 7mm diameter bow for a 22mm vertical space. These are Master Lock's magic numbers. Resistant to tampering and cuts thanks to the boron alloy with which it is made, it interfaces easily and quickly with its app. Speed, ease of use, control and security are the strengths of the smart padlock. There is no need for keys as the locking mechanism is based on burglar-proof technology to ensure maximum security.

Monitored and shared access

Thanks to the app Master Lock is connected to, it only takes a few clicks to lock and unlock the security system. Goodbye worries about not remembering the correct combination! Thanks to the application, you'll also be able to share with others, friends and family the opening and closing options, both temporarily and permanently. In addition, you can decide whether to share access for 7 days and 24 hours, or for certain specific days and hours, whether day or night. A real plus for anyone with kids, babysitter or housekeeper. You can also check your access history and receive alarm notifications in case of tampering. If you should forget your smartphone, you can also unlock the smart padlock with apps via the keypad with a directional code in case of emergency. I mean, a real guarantee of safety.

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