Enterprise 4.0
Enterprise 4.0

In recent years there has often been talk of Industry 4.0, but the definition is about to change. Here comes the 4.0 enterprise and with it a wider meaning and scope. In addition to manufacturing and services, the focus will also be on skills and work.

Therefore, the Italian Government, presenting the first results of the Industry Plan 4.0 launched in September 2016, confirms its confidence in the measures proposed to promote innovation in SMEs. In fact, do more and think about Business Plan 4.0 . Let's see some crucial points together.

Enterprise 4.0 : training is the goal

For 2018, a training tax credit 4.0 is planned for all companies that will incur incremental expenditure on training. This measure is aimed exclusively at companies' costs for training courses focusing on at least one Enterprise 4.0 technology. These will have to be agreed upon through trade union agreements focusing on IT, production, sales and marketing techniques and technologies.

A few numbers related to Enterprise 4.0

Following the presentation of data on the first results of the implementation of the Industry Plan 4.0, the effectiveness of the proposed measures is noted. As at 1 September 2017, the development contracts financed amounted to 102. Specifically, 14 in the Centre North and 88 in the South.
total investment is around €3.6 billion. Most of them in food (21%) and automotive (17%). EUR 1.9 billion is the total for the facilities granted. The latter amount to 1.7 billion in the South and 200 million in the North. Good news with regard to employment as well.

Improvements, but still so much to do

According to the Minister of Economy Padoan, the situation in the Bel Paese has improved. Not only in terms of deficits, but also thanks to the cessation of the rise in debt. The latter is constantly growing in other European countries, while it seems to be stable and stationary in Italy. The best signal, however, could be its reversal with the decline in debt itself. GDP is also improving, but not enough to say that we have emerged from the stagnant phase of the crisis.

The prerequisites are there and thanks to the incentives for Enterprise 4.0 it is possible to start obtaining concrete improvement results for the entire national industrial fabric. The key to success certainly lies in innovation and technology. Of that we are certain.

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