Children's interactive toy

Whether it's a stuffed animal, a doll or a puppet, every child has its favourite companion. They're often superheroes, like Spiderman for little kids. And while technology and innovation dominate the adult world, the world of the Internet of Things also appeals to children. Sphero launched on the market the Spiderman toy, the interactive Spiderman toy for small children controllable via App.

The Spiderman for small children, much more than an interactive children's toy

A faithful reproduction of one of Marvel's most beloved superheroes, Spiderman captures and responds to the voice commands of its owners. Conveniently managed via app, it is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. Spiderman's technological heart is the spider button on his chest that allows connection and interaction. An interactive children's toy that keeps children company and provides fun. Children can ask Spiderman to tell a story or answer questions sympathetically. The eyes of this interactive game are made and animated by an LCD screen.

A modern and technological superhero

Spiderman's mascot designed by Sphero is linked to its app. No matter what operating system you have. Whether it's iOS or Android, this interactive children's toy is designed to be compatible and functional in any case. In addition to the game mode, Spiderman also acts as an alarm clock and motion detector. Reading content, jokes, riddles, adventures and much more. Spidey, the nickname of this modern and technological superhero, is a real smart toy.

The 3 sections of the app

The app consists of 3 main sections: Hang Out, Fight Villains and Team Up. The first one is perfect for a joke or a story from Spidey. The second is the most strategic, as it requires crucial decisions to be made for the virtual challenges. The third, finally, is a kind of guess who or what Spiderman is thinking about.

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Some technical features

Spidey connects to his app via Bluetooth. The sound quality is high and the content updates automatically, without causing pauses or malfunctioning. The battery guarantees up to 2 hours of play; once exhausted it can be recharged through a standard microUSB port, on the static base of the small Spider-Man. Animated eyes are intelligent, perceptive and expressive. This interactive toy for children is also able to recognize voices and speeches made. I mean, a real modern superhero! 21.5 centimeters tall, doesn't move, but communicates with his eyes.

The Spiderman puppet is an example of how the world of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence can be present in everyone's everyday life, from a very young age.
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