Having a villa with a garden is anyone's dream because you would have plenty of green space where you can relax but mowing the lawn and watering it is not as relaxing.

Gardena smart system is the smart device from the IoT world of gardening that solves the problem of fatigue required to care for your garden lawn. The innovative system is in fact able to cut the lawn and water it completely automatically and not controlled by remote control but by smartphone, like all the other Gardena smart systems.

Through the official app of Gardenaavailable for iOS and Android mobile systems, you can program the start of the work to be done by the lawnmower and set the irrigation time thanks to the Smart Water Control.

Installation takes very little time and using the smart system is really simple, in addition to the simplicity due to the fact that you can easily monitor and control your garden wherever you are, even while you are miles away, on holiday or at work. This is thanks to the app's smart technology, which is constantly updated to implement new features from time to time.

The lawnmower robot is extremely quiet (60 decibels), so it doesn't disturb your own and neighbors' moments of relaxation, and it doesn't fear ground slopes of up to 35%.

The cutting capacity is 1000 square meters, the consumption is very low, and you can cut the grass in any weather condition, even when it rains. The lawnmower is also equipped with an anti-theft device, integrates the Mulching function that automatically disposes of the residues deriving from the mowing and fertilizes the lawn in a natural way, and the EasyPassage function that identifies any obstacles along the way.

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The lawnmower of Gardena is also equipped with Smart Water Control and Smart Sensor.

Lo Smart Water Control allows you to set watering times and to recognize when the outside temperature is too low, activating the antifreeze alarm, so as to avoid malfunctions. The Smart Sensor, on the other hand, is a local weather station for plants, which enriches the kit and allows to measure temperature levels (from -1 to 50°C), humidity (from 0 to 100%) and ambient brightness (from 3 to 200,000 lux), very accurately.

The price of Gardena smart system kit is an investment that would transform the garden into a purely relaxing place.

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