In the most chaotic cities, people prefer to travel on two wheels, but half of the cyclists have had their bikes stolen at least once, which is why Lattis, the smart city company, has designed a very simple but very useful product, I dare say indispensable!

The Internet of things has become a reality. More and more objects of different utility are now able to connect to the network and interface with each other, totally changing the performance of daily activities. In the case of Ellipse's solar-powered smart padlock we can improve our cycling trips without having to remember to recharge it.

Ellipse is more than just a padlock. Equipped with Bluetooth and with integrated GPS, it is able to record and transfer data related to our position.

The IoT jewel will send a notification directly to the device with which it has been configured, or, at our discretion, to selected contacts.
We can share with friends the route taken, monitor the movement of the bike but also remember where we parked it.
This smart device has a double function, the social one but also the security one, because its particular software is equipped with an accelerometer able to recognize any sudden braking, skidding and falling.
In the event that an attempted theft is actually detected, the lock will notify you in real time so that you can manage the situation in the best possible way. The alarm sensitivity can be adjusted to your liking and can be activated or deactivated very easily.

In addition, you can remotely change the unlock combination to allow third parties, relatives or friends to take possession of the bike at any time.

Ellipse is characterized by a military-style workmanship, the traction ring is made of steel and has a thickness of 17 millimeters, in addition the special encryption of the code is resistant to the most determined hackers. In addition to the autonomy of about 12 hours, which results from exposure to sunlight lasting one hour, there is also a micro-USB input dedicated to emergency recharging.

In short, even if in the city you often move by bike and just because of the ease with which you can move on two wheels, thefts are unfortunately the order of the day, to avoid them from today we can rely on Ellipse, let's say no more locks and big chains, let's say yes to the secure geo-location of Ellipse.

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