Sleep better at night

In an increasingly hectic life with no breaks, rest at night becomes essential to recharge the batteries and recover all the energy spent. Due to countless daily activities and stress, the number of people suffering from sleep problems is constantly increasing. The French company Rythm has designed and built Dreama headband to help you sleep better at night.

A smart solution to sleep better at night

Leveraging increasingly cutting-edge technology and innovation, the Internet of Things has tried to solve the problem of bad rest. Dream is a smart band developed in collaboration with serious and reliable sleep and neuroscience specialists. An active device before falling asleep, during rest and when waking up. Dream must be placed above the head. During the hours of rest, sensors will pick up and analyze our brain activity, then send sound inputs to the brain to sleep better at night and improve sleep quality. The purpose of sound impulses is to prolong the deep sleep phase by spreading the so-called slow waves. With Dream you fall asleep and wake up at the best time.
Directly on the App you can consult all the data collected and read tips and suggestions on how to improve your sleep at night.

The technical characteristics of the sleeping band

Inside Dream, which does not emit any Bluetooth or WiFi waves, there is a sophisticated microcomputer capable of analyzing brain impulses during night sleep. Integrated in the band, there are also electrodes, an accelerometer to detect movement and breathing, an pulse oximeter to track the heartbeat. The battery guarantees Dream's operation all night long, but needs to be recharged during the day. The fixed charging station, via Bluetooth connection with the relevant app, allows you to synchronize all the data collected at any time. The app is available and compatible on both Android and iOS operating systems.
The total weight of the band is about 100 grams: it does not cause any discomfort, although it is necessary to get used to sleeping with a foreign body on your head.

Health and physical well-being has always been a very interesting area for intelligent devices. There are now hundreds of smart Healthcare products on the market, and they are constantly growing. In our blog section dedicated, you will find descriptions of many interesting objects belonging to the world of the Internet of Things.


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