Cooking by profession or passion. Now, thanks also to the many television programs, the world of cooking is no longer taboo and the fashion of cooking is spreading like wildfire. Sous vide is a term of French origin that literally means "under vacuum". It is a refined and innovative technique for cooking delicious and appetizing dishes. Sous vide cooking means cooking at a controlled and stable temperature inside vacuum bags in a bain-marie. If until a few years ago, only great chefs could boast such a technique, today, thanks to the incredible evolution of the world of the Internet of Things, it is possible to cook under vacuum even at home. All you need is an intelligent thermometer, developed by Nomiku.

Nomiku, the intelligent thermometer for cooking sous vide

Nomiku developed a smart device able to control and maintain the cooking temperature according to the settings initially defined. This smart thermometer can be connected to an app, easily downloadable and compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Sous side of Nomiku is placed on the top edge of the pots and set it directly on the touch screen. Alternatively, you can only use the app. The latter, in fact, in addition to offering thousands of recipes, allows you to guide the thermometer and share the results with the community. To cook the dishes you can use special vacuum bags, available in most grocery stores. Not only cooking, but also cocktails and wines at the right temperature. Thanks to NomikuIn fact, it is able to keep the bottles in a bain-marie at a constant cold temperature.

The advantages of cooking sous vide

Besides being a simple cooking method, the sous side is also very healthy and guarantees tasty and tasty dishes. Thanks to Nomiku you can prepare tender meat, fish and vegetable dishes. With a few clicks and wifi, cooking is no longer a problem, but a real pleasure! In addition to its ease of use, this intelligent thermometer has a linear and modern design, perfect for any type of kitchen. The dimensions are small, similar to those of a wooden kitchen ladle, so that it can be safely stored in a kitchen drawer. The sheath is removable and can be easily washed in the dishwasher. The intelligent thermometer is compact and easy to clean.
Sous side of Nomiku has a very high accuracy and sensitivity of 0.2°C and stability of 0.01°C. You will certainly not go wrong in preparing delicious delicacies.

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An app for cooking and sharing

The app of NomikuAs well as allowing you to set the thermometer remotely, wherever you are, it allows you to discover many delicious recipes to prepare and serve to family and friends. An entire community is ready to provide valuable advice and help you by answering your questions. The quality of Nomiku is recognized by the greatest chefs on the planet and from today you too can cook sous vide without any problem.

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