Control the sleep of the newborn

When a child is born, life changes, it's inevitable. You become parents and responsibilities increase. Especially during the first months, the newborns are catapulted into a whole new world, rich of stimuli, but also dangers. Even the simple and natural sleep is something to keep under control because there is always the risk of suffocation. Children sleep everywhere, whether in their room at night or in a quiet room during the day, parents are not always present and vigilant. Here, baby monitors were born to control the baby's sleep. Absolutely essential and useful tools to be quiet and not be bound to be present in the same room as the children.

MIMO, the smart baby monitor for baby sleep control

Mime is an intelligent device designed to monitor the resting hours of the little ones. Ideal for both mums and dads, it allows you to control the baby's sleep at any time, wherever you are. Whether you are in the adjacent room or in the office, with a few clicks on your smartphone you will know if and how your baby sleeps. Mime is a colourful and cheerful tracker to tie to children's bodice or dress. It connects to your smartphone with a downloadable app and works on both iOS and Android systems. The Mimo baby monitor works wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection and you can query it at any time via your smartphone.

Not only monitoring, but also infant sleep information

The baby monitor made by Mimo, is an intelligent device that allows you to get valuable information about your baby's sleep. Breath, position, body temperature and movement. These are the main activities monitored by this smart baby monitor.
Mime also generates a daily summary sheet in which the total hours of rest and the notes you enter are reported.

A few more details about Mimo, the smart device to control the baby's sleep

Mimo is machine washable and is soft, so as not to bother the child. Before being marketed, Mimo was subjected to years of testing.
The bodini on which to place Mimo are in pure cotton and easily machine washable. The Mimo starter kit and its refills allow you to change the leotard as your newborn baby grows, while keeping the same electronic device.

Mimo's baby monitor is the perfect example of how the world of the Internet of Things offers intelligent and useful solutions for every moment of your life. Thanks to Mime, parents will be able to be calmer during the sleeping hours of newborns, and above all, they will have the opportunity to analyze the data collected.

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