We hear more and more about intelligent objects, Internet of Things, smart devices, smart home ... even here in Italy are now recurrent and familiar terms. And this is how more and more people are approaching this world, characterized by technology and innovation. Intelligent devices that represent a constant in the everyday life of all of us. But how can you go from theory to practice? Today we discover how to have a smart home and what are the main IoT objects that characterize it.


Who rang the bell? When did you play it? How did he behave during the wait? It has happened to everyone, at least once, to want to know if someone showed up on our doorstep during our absence. Or that you want to know who rang and decide later whether to open or pretend not to be there. Good, Ring is the smart doorbell, which via a camera and the application to be installed on your smartphone, will allow you to do all this!

And if the smart doorbell is not enough for you and you want to be more calm and serene, then you can't do without Konyks, a single sensor to monitor and supervise wherever your beloved doors are located. In addition to details on openings, closures, entrances and exits, thanks to Konyks you will also be able to check the environmental conditions of the interior rooms. An intelligent solution that is absolutely practical and functional, especially for those who spend a lot of time away from home.


A valid alternative to Notion, is the smart camera Blinkan intelligent object that is not afraid of the passage of time and does not charge for years!

And if the front door isn't the only entrance. Smart Garage Door completes the presentation of the most interesting IoT objects to have a smart home!

Many smart home IoT devices can be integrated and easily controlled by Domokia touchscreen microcomputer installed instead of your switches. Discover the compatible accessories.

Having the green thumb thanks to the world IoT

Many people want flowers and plants, but the lack of time, the climate and, why not, the lack of green thumb got the better of them. There are, however, some intelligent objects that can help you cultivate this passion. First of all, the intelligent greenhouse for zero kilometer plants Lymph. Entirely made in Italy, it guarantees a healthy and genuine harvest. For those who, on the other hand, are lucky enough to have a beautiful garden or vegetable garden, but find it difficult to regulate the irrigation, Edyn Valve is the perfect solution: a valve that is tared according to the characteristics of the cultivated land.

Many opportunities also for indoor environments

If you hate wasting electricity and food or if you belong to the category of those people who forget to make the shopping list, Fridgecam is the smart solution for you. A smart camera that monitors the contents of your fridge, storing packages and expiration dates. To live in a healthy environment and with high quality standards, rely instead on Cubesensor: it will help you rediscover physical and mental well-being within the walls of your home!
Finally, to live in peace and serenity also family life, while respecting privacy, Momo is really an indispensable intelligent object. With its modern and attractive design it is the perfect home genius for all types of homes!

So many devices and apps could scare you! Don't worry! The world of the Internet of Things has thought about that too. Stringify is the innovative app to control and manage multiple smart devices!

Now you have no more excuses, we have explained how to have a smart home and which are the most interesting smart devices. Make your house smart too!

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