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Healthy and genuine food, tasty dishes and top quality ingredients. Utopia? Not anymore. Lymph is an intelligent greenhouse, made in Italy, which allows you to have zero kilometer crops. What? Thanks to the interaction between the world of the Internet of Things and the basics of hydroponic cultivation. Let's find out a few more details about this incredible smart greenhouse together.

Cultivations zero kilometer in the kitchen

The idea came from a group of Italian boys. And it could not be otherwise given the attention to the quality of raw materials, characteristic of our beautiful country. Linfa allows you to grow any type of plant directly at home and without the need for great attention. In addition to the smart greenhouse you need an internet connection and the app, available for both Android and iOS. After setting it up, Lymph she does everything by herself. Caring for and monitoring cultivated plants has never been easier. Wherever you are, at any time, you will be able to check the health of your greenhouse. Simply access the Linfa app from your smartphone or tablet. And that's how, directly in your home, you can grow the raw materials for cooking and eating.

Goodbye green thumb, welcome green LED

Lymph is that object where the perfect combination of smart and green resides. The team that designed it thought first of all about the management of this smart device. In fact, it is perfect both for small apartments and houses with balconies, terraces and gardens. With Lymph you won't have to think about anything. It doesn't matter if you've never had a green thumb and managed to make a fat plant die. Lymph is a real appliance that works in absolute autonomy. Thanks to the WiFi connection and the App notifications you will, however, be constantly updated about the condition of your plants.

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Made in Italy: ingenuity and quality

Robonics is the all-Italian Start Up that designed Linfa. The mission of this small company is to allow everyone to reach the level of food self-sufficiency. How? Simple, through zero kilometer crops, self-produced directly at home!
The intelligent greenhouse is heated by LED lamps. Key plant characteristics, such as pH and nutrient content, are monitored directly by Linfa. Depending on the plants grown, the smart greenhouse is able to recreate the environment best suited to their growth.
Small, but useful. The size of Linfa is small (60x52x35), as is the energy consumption (low and around 100W).
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