In Italy there are more than 10 million smokers, about 20% of the population over 15 years of age. Many of them would like to quit smoking but most of the products on the market do not seem to work properly.

Chrono Therapeutics has developed a wearable device that can analyze smokers' behaviors, stress levels and routines.

With a basic programme lasting only 10 weeks, just over 2 months, the smart device from the IoT world of health aims to make everyone stop smoking. In order to succeed, the device, connected to the app available for Android smartphones and iPhone, offers a series of tools that help smokers who want to get rid of the habit to understand, manage and overcome their physiological desires caused by nicotine addiction. The latter is in fact the main neurologically active component of the cigarette, which causes a strong dependence in the subject who consumes it, stimulating the brain system.

In addition to physiological desires, psychological desires play an important role in the vice of smoking, triggered by daily events such as stress that increase when you are in the presence of other smokers or a simple cup of coffee, since you often accompany it with a cigarette.

The dedicated application has a simple and intuitive interface, where it shows, for example, the level of desire to smoke and graphs related to the vice of smoking, on your smartphone.

Usually, the desire to smoke on the axle in the morning (75% of smokers smoke within 30 minutes after waking up), the evening before going to bed and immediately after meals, so it follows a more or less regular pattern, which you can notice thanks to the app.

Chrono then acts by going to regulate the nicotine supply, through the dispenser, which is comfortable and light and can be applied on the skin discreetly, under clothing. Thus the device collects all the necessary data, since every time the person has the desire to smoke, he or she has to press the button on the dispenser to gradually stop smoking, reducing the nicotine level more and more, for example from 21 mg to 7 mg, until it is completely eliminated.

The device is currently being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. government agency that regulates food and pharmaceutical products.

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