Calculate Body Mass

Fat and lean mass. Sculpted rolls and abs. Water retention and constitution. Every physique is different, but keeping fit is a goal chased by all. Knowing your body weight does not mean you have any information to understand whether you are fit or not. Calculating body mass, on the other hand, gives you more information about your body. Qardio Base is the intelligent scale that allows you to be healthier and happier.

The smart scale for calculating body mass and monitoring your body

In addition to measuring weight like most traditional scales, Qardio Base calculates your BMI (body mass index) and monitors all changes in your physique. From the percentage of muscle to the percentage of fat, from bone mass to the amount of water. Thanks to the detailed data that Qardio Base provides, you can stay fit without stress. You can set up the smart scale with the best known units of measurement, be it Kg, Lbs or St. In addition to the punctual data, Qardio Base provides immediate feedback, which is easily understood by the smiley expression.

A smart scale for the whole family

Qardio Base is perfect for singles, couples and large families. It features the multi-user function. Sensors are able to recognize the family member from the first weighing. It also offers a special setting for pregnant women. Recorded data can be stored or shared, either with family and friends or with your doctor. Qardio Base is, in fact, connectable with the related Qardio App, through which you can send emails or notifications. The smart scale also boasts a Wi-Fi connection for data sharing and analysis. The Bluetooth connection required is type 4.0 and is compatible with both iOS and Android. The display is LED.

Calculate body mass in style

Qardio Base is simple and minimalist design. It lends itself well to complement classic or modern houses. Its design has been, in fact, rewarded over and over again thanks to its adaptability. There are two colours available: volcanic black and arctic white.
The basis of this intelligent scale is solid, so that it provides better stability.
It is equipped with a system of latest generation sensors that have speeded up and improved the measurement dynamics. Qardio Base is also equipped with a rechargeable battery. Frequent use of this smart object to calculate body mass allows you to use the battery for up to 12 months.

Thanks to Qardio Base you can know your weight, but also and above all your body. Thanks to the intelligent settings of this intelligent scale, you can monitor all the information in detail to stay fit.

Qardio Base is just one of the many smart devices of the Internet of Things. Herethere are many others. What are you waiting for? Find them all!


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