Anti-marriement bracelet for children

Love for children is unconditional. Knowing that they are well and where they are is important for the tranquility and serenity of their parents. Not being able to be always present and to allow them to grow up free to discover their autonomy, the anti-loss bracelet for children is the perfect solution. An intelligent system to live moments of relaxation, letting children have fun and grow up without the constant and pressing watchful eye of grown-ups. A technological and innovative bracelet that, connected to its app, will allow you to check at any time where your beloved children are.

Tranquility and relaxation thanks to the anti-loss bracelet for children

A smart device from the world of the Intenet of Things. Practical, lightweight, impact and water resistant. The perfect object does not limit the liveliness of children. A peace of mind insurance for the parents. The app is downloadable and compatible for both Android and Android operating systems. Thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 connection all parents can know exactly where their children are in just a few clicks. The Fynd connection is type 4G LTE. This means that you'll never have to worry about losing the connection: you can really monitor your little, beloved children at all times.

Much more than a children's anti-loss bracelet

Practical, functional, powerful and... multifunctional! Well, yes, Fynd is not just a child's anti-loss bracelet. It has several interesting functions related to the monitoring of physical activities, the detection of outdoor temperature, the calculation of the distance and the route to a certain destination.

Not just for parents

The anti-loss bracelet for children is a great product not only for parents. It is, in fact, a valuable support for large communities. First of all kindergartens, summer camp organizations, playgrounds, shopping centers, campsites, ships and boats. Fynd represents the perfect added value that can guide parents' choice. The safety of their children and the peace of mind of knowing that they are safe is, in fact, a priority for all parents.

Fynd is just one of the many objects in the world of the Internet of Things that thinks about the safety of children. The smart device on the market are manifold and cover all sectors. The areas of application of intelligent devices include the world of health, sport, home, children and animals. The mission of these objects is to help people in their daily lives. They are a support to fully enjoy your life. In our blog we have collected numerous articles, all to read!


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