Blink is a camera from the IoT world of home automation, designed for those who need a compact, economical yet reliable security system.

Anyone who is away from home thinks about what is going to happen in their home, if you have children or pets wandering around the rooms or if, for example, you are eagerly awaiting delivery of a parcel by the courier.

Blink is the device able to make every thought disappear in an instant because it is an intelligent camera connected to a dedicated application, to download and install on your Android smartphone or iOS (Blink Home Monitor).

So just launch the app every time and you can check if everything is okay at home. Blink is a truly complete home monitoring system, despite its small size, and is also cable-free. In spite of this last peculiarity, Blink guarantees a long shooting duration without interruptions, thanks to the use of two AA lithium batteries that allow 2 years of full use of the device.

Thanks to the Blink XT version, which is weatherproof and can therefore be used outdoors, you can receive real-time notifications on your mobile phone whenever the motion sensor detects someone approaching your home entrance, such as the postman. With a touch on the notification that arrived on your smartphone you can immediately see the live streaming video of your home and so you are always aware of everything.

Configuring and installing Blink is very simple and takes only a few minutes, since the device is wire-free and can be placed anywhere, both inside and outside (in the case - as mentioned before - of Blink XT).

Blink XT integrates high definition night vision. Both support Amazon Alexa devices such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Tap and can take advantage of all the features of tools available on the Net such as SmartThings, Philips Hue, Skype, Evernote, Twitter, etc. thanks to the free proprietary IFTTT service.

For a small fee, you can increase the security of your home by keeping an eye out for thieves, or simply control your dog if he does something evil or your children if they leave a room and are in danger.

In addition to the modest cost, Blink owners do not have to subscribe and pay monthly or annual subscriptions and the Cloud service for the storage of their data is totally free.

In short, with the smart blink camera for non-stop recording, the watchword is "prevent" - and that's all it takes.


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