The taste of an item has a significant effect on creating a long-lasting personal experience. Human endeavors into producing new foods and recipes need no proof. Ericsson ConsumerLab addresses that consumers expect an upgrade with digital tastes with the Internet of Senses. Internet of Senses will allow the users to control how things taste like never before. Users will be able to experience, enhance, and share digital flavors of food through the Internet of Senses. This concept of digital tastes will introduce plenty of new applications. The Internet of Senses may end up changing the currently known food industry for the better.

Concept Of Digital Tastes with Internet Of Senses

38% of the consumers anticipate that they will be able to share taste with their friends. Ericsson ConsumerLab’s Hot Consumer Trends Report Has proved this concept over an online survey. This sharing of tastes will occur with the brain exchanging the sense of taste digitally through the Internet. Apart from that, consumers expect that there will be devices that can enhance flavors. They believe that mouthing such a device can enhance any taste. They hope it will allow the users to improve or change any food’s taste as per their favorite preference. 

It will change the whole outlook on foods’ taste as users will then create their own tastes. Users would be able to change the levels of sweetness or spices as they think. Eventually, they might be able to change the taste of one food to have the taste of any other food with digital tastes. Every meal would have a personalized flavor with the Internet of Senses. The only challenge will be for users to decide how they want their food to taste. 

Several Delicious Applications Of The Internet Of Senses

There’s a reason why people connect and network over some food and beverages. There’s a part of the human brain that associates taste with the memory of a particular time and place. Furthermore, this would allow consumers to associate a positive or negative incident with memories. The Internet of senses will allow users to experience the same taste from their past digitally. Consumers expect that they would be able to digitally taste their favorite childhood snacks with the Internet of Senses.

Ability to feel a taste of any dish or food that is available on social media is one of the possibilities. Gone are the days where one would look at the delicious food photos from parties but can only imagine the taste. It would change the whole outlook of social media platforms. Audio-visual platforms would be a thing of the past once digital taste comes into existence. 

Buy Products As Per Your Taste

Knowing how a particular dish or dessert tastes at a new locale is a dire need for the consumers. Internet of Senses will allow the users to virtually taste those dishes before purchasing them. This feature will eliminate hesitancy for consumers. Consumers will no longer need to ask for food samples or indecision on ordering a particular food. Additionally, it will be a breakthrough for online grocery shopping and food ordering. Users will precisely know how their order would taste like, and the provider will have the right consumer expectation.

Taste Those Delicious Foods Shown On The Screen

Characters shown on shows and films are often consuming the nicest food along with exquisite drinks. It would be an incredible experience if the audience watching the program would be able to feel the same taste. Such a provision would change the outlook of advertisements shown on screen, especially for consumables.

The Internet of Senses will introduce several new ways to change the course of life. Notably, digital tastes are one of those breakthroughs which will be convenient as well as essential. There will be a time when agriculture systems can no longer keep up with demands inevitably. As such, it would be a blessing to make certain foods taste in a particular flavor. Sense of taste is one of the areas that is overlooked so far by technology. It should not be surprising that the next decade may be filled with several breakthroughs into digital tastes.

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