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How to create IoT devices from scratch with Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

If you read this article you can find yourself lucky because you are in the right place where you can create your new and extraordinary profitable profession or bring your passion into life with the IoT. Here’s how to create IoT devices from scratch.

It takes a few steps to create an IoT device from scratch: an excellent course of a few weeks delivered by an important American University (cheap, quality and international breath), an Arduino or Raspberry IP, one or more ideas, few euros and time well spent as investment for a future profitable passion or profession.

Creating IoT objects is one of the most profitable business today and in the coming years. So, take some time for yourself and invest in your present and future with optimism.

The IoT is for everyone, from children to adults, in short, if you are from 8 to 80 years old, you can create your IoT device by giving intelligence to an object and connecting it to the Internet! Imagine how many things you can do and how many people will ask if you can create or modify their product to make it intelligently connected to the Internet!

Science fiction?

No, it’s pure reality!

Easy money?

Here’s this is one way to make them! To make them need to educate you and thus know how to do, we give you the right ingredients to create IoT devices from scratch!

Creating an IoT device is simple and fun, many times even profitable. All it takes is the right tools!

The best way is to start from a major dispensed by the University of California – Irvine. The specialization lasts a few weeks (obviously depends on you too), it costs cheap and allows you to do a real IoT project that you can show your friends, relatives or your new or current employer. Many people create IoT devices to save, create value, or increase their salary and income.

At the end of the residency you will receive an Official Certificate from the University of California!!!

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