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Best Smart Blinds And Curtains With Alexa

In this modern era, it is becoming significantly less laborious to do the house chores. This time, the robots are cleaning your dishes and doing the vacuum. Similarly, the list goes on with the other tasks as well! So, getting a smart hoe has shrunk the number of physical inputs. Here we go with another such nifty gadget, i.e., smart home blinds. Want to know more? Keep on reading as this ultimate guide about the best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa is going to be an informative piece for you!

Who doesn’t like waking up by saying, “Good Morning, Alexa, and your curtains will automatically open? Isn’t it very convenient? Not just this, but these remote-controlled blinds are way too secure for your home. You can set a schedule for their opening and closing as per need. Thus, there will be an illusion for potential intruders!

Now, as you know, the list of smart home devices has smart blinds and curtains on-board; you might be wondering which one is made for you? If so, let’s start the detailed guide with a simple piece of information about the difference.  

What’s The Difference Between Smart Blinds, Curtains, And Shades?

While you’ve decided to equip your house with some best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa, why not explore them a little? There can be two possibilities; you might make your old blinds smart or get a new one. Most of the blinds can be made elegant by combining them with a suitable motor. But keep in mind the compatibility of both with ease. 

Buying a new one is always a better choice, but it will cost you a little higher. Here is a beginner level difference between all the categories so that you can buy the right one for your cozy place.

  • Blinds: Let’s put some light on the blinds first! Blinds consist of the slates with a Venetian as well as vertical style. These can be opened and closed as per the light needed. Thus, you can enjoy a full view or a dark place by lowering them down.
  • Shades: Next up, we have the shades. Shades are made from fabric and can be rolled up and down with ease. They only have two options left in the tunnel; either you open them or close them- no middle option in-between. Thus, considering their less multi-functional operations, these are of less use.
  • Curtains: Now, coming towards our third category, these are the most aesthetically appealing. Curtains come in various sizes and colors to choose from, which will make your place look artistic. These consist of the fabric and a rod and have no half-light solution for you. However, you can use them with the blinds if needed.

How Much Do These Smart Blind Will Cost You?

There is no exact estimation of how much these best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa will cost you: but we can have a guess! A universal rue implies here, the smarter the blinds, the more expensive they will be. 

For example, you might sacrifice some abilities or smart features to make them fall under your budget. Thus, leaving the smart functionalities will help you get the right deal for you at less cost. 

For instance, you can drop the communication feature between the blinds and smart speakers and still have fun with the automatic blinds in the morning. Moreover, some other factors that might affect cost include the smartness of blinds and curtains, the type of coverings, the motor’s power, and the complete set of additional accessories included.

Thus, before buying or making a choice, you must be well-aware of the customization options and installation. If not, you might end up losing all the money. Let’s get you to the list of best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa to switch to a better and intelligent home.

Best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa 

1. Yoolax Motorized Blind for Window:


Durable and Rugged:

Curtains and blinds have a simple problem, i.e., they get worn out with time! But what if we’ve found you the solution to this problem. This Yoolax Motorized Blind is made through a combination of thicker jacquard fabric, textured feel, and a better blend of clothing to last longer. Apart from durability and ruggedness, the cool texture on the fabric gives an aesthetically appealing look to make your place a heaven on Earth for you.

Easy Operation:

Yoolax has never compromised on the quality and smart features! That where these motorized blinds jump into the business. These blinds are well-equipped with the P412 motor, making the lifting and lowering of shades much easier. Plus, you don’t need to put any physical effort into it; just ask Alexa or Google Home to do that.

Smart and Intelligent:

As mentioned, the blinds can be operated via Alexa and Google Home. These are compatible with the 5 Version’s Alexa, including Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10, and Echo 4th Gen. However, make sure to plug-in the motor every time, so you don’t miss the smart lifting of blinds. 


  • Durable polyester fabric
  • 15 Channel/ timing remote
  • Quiet motor
  • 100% Blackout


  • Needs hub for installation

2. Graywind Motorized Zebra Sheer Blinds:


Functional Zebra Blinds:

Do you wonder why these ZEBRA blinds can make their place in our list of best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa? One of the prime reasons includes their dual operation. You can enjoy the 80% blackout with these sheer blinds utilizing the front and back end separately for some privacy and light filtration. You can align both ends for the perfect results.

Protection from UV:

As mentioned earlier, both ends can be moved separately to have the perfect combination! Here goes the slats option. You can close the slats partially in the day time to filter out the harmful UV rays and still have some daylight inside your home. Isn’t it much safe yet a cool option? This function is also fully certified and found safe for children and pets as well by the RoHS.

Supreme Build Quality:

High-quality, rugged motor power is another feature on-board for these Graywind Zebra Blinds! The built-in Lithium-ion batteries, along with the wireless rechargeable option, is something more unique and innovative. You can use a fully charged battery for about 3-6 months, depending on usage.


  • Free Voice Control
  • Multi-channel remote control
  • 80% blackout
  • UV filtration


  • Works with 2.4 GHz wifi only

3. Quoya Smart Curtains System:


Elegance and Style:

Aren’t you bored of the standard styled curtains and blinds? Let’s get something elegant in style, i.e., these Quoya Smart Curtains. These curtains are not just classic in style but more comfortable to operate simultaneously. The damage is relatively less with the electrical motor, and the blinds will preserve their natural look for the longest time.

Customizable Tracks:

The lifting and lowering of these best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa are not only sage but customizable. The curtains can be fitted on any type of window having a size up to 3.2 meters. Moreover, the installation will take no time, as no sawing tools are needed overall. All the accessories, including the ceiling as well as wall bracket, come along.

Smart Functions:

Quoya Smart Curtains are way too intelligent and smart in their operational ability. Some smart attributes include the touch motion-activated control system, power cut overdrive, automation, scheduling, and app control. You can also control all the settings over the voice commands via Alexa and Google. Plus, you don’t need any hub to take care of the connections.


  • Simple connection system
  • One/two-way opening system
  • Long 3 meter motor wire
  • Fully remote controlled


  • Poor instructional manual

4. XINGXUN High Precision Customized Blinds:


Smart and Functional:

You cannot deny the smartness as well as ruggedness of these XINGXUN High Precision blinds! These curtains/blinds utilize 100% excellent polyester material, which does not give proper insulation but for optimized ventilation. 

Apart from both these plus points, here goes the dustproof and anti-static features. Thus, place these quality shades utilizing a solid fabric combined with horizontal stripes for an enchanting look.

Easy to Operate:

No smart blinds and curtains are as easy to install and operate as these High Precision blinds are! XINGXUN has pre-set all the top and low limits for you, and you need to install them quickly right after you receive the package. Some safety features, including overload protection and lower-charge protection, will take care of the rest problems.

Wash with Soap:

Don’t irritate yourself with the dust on your blind. These best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa are easier to clean as well. You can wash them with soap or simply vacuum them as per the need.

Adjust the Light:

You don’t need to have only two options, i.e., a full blackout or a bright light. You can customize or adjust the horizontal stripes on the blinds to let the suitable light pass through them. This way, maintain a cozy environment in your living room and enjoy quality time.


  • Adjustable stripes
  • 100% polyester
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 4-6 months lasting time with one charge


  • The pre-set limit can be problematic 

5. Curtain Call Electric Controlled Drapery System:


Motorized Curtains:

Drapery systems and motorized curtains are never out of fashion, especially when you’re looking to transform the traditional setup into a smarter home. That’s where this Curtain Call’s motorized blinds come into play. These are not just remote-controlled, but you can open/close them using voice commands. Thus, having compatibility with the Amazon Echo and Alexa, all you need is to say what you want without putting in physical effort.

Quick and Elegant:

A full power motor is behind the fact that these are included in our list of best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa! Curtain Call has put immense power, which not only makes the opening/closing process more manageable, but the durability has extended to another level. 

Thus, utilizing the electric current, enjoy a 3-channel remote which is best suited for the offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.

No need to worry:

You don’t need to have stress on your mind in case of power breakage! Here comes another plus feature for these Curtain Call blinds, i.e., manual operations.

Light as you need:

The dual operational ability of these curtains has drawn attention from many users, and people love it! You can use them via either a center draw or a side draw. This way, you can have the right amount of light to create a perfect ambiance.


  • Silent tracks
  • Install any type of curtain with hooks
  • Can be custom-made
  • Versatile opening system


  • The cable (1450) needs to be bought separately.

6. American Homesupplier Smart Curtain:


Multiple Control Methods:

Are you tired of manually opening or closing your curtains? Then why not have some fun and convenience! Try this American Homesupplier Smart Curtain, which brings three different options apart from the manual control. Thus, equip yourself with these heavy duty curtains to control the ambiance of your room via a hand-held remote, smartphone application, and voice assistants.

Schedule as per need:

American Homesupplier has come with a solution for the intruder problem. Now, you don’t need to be at home to open or close your curtains- isn’t it cool? An automated operational system will process your schedule and open/close the curtains just the way you set.

Three-way Installation:

Gone are the days where you can only have a single opening! A smart motor will help you open up the blinds from three different locations, i.e., from the center or both sides.  

Light Touch:

Here comes the unique feature of all time! Pulling the curtains up will automatically stimulate or trigger the light touch button, and boom- the lights will turn on!


  • Manual operations available
  • Remember curtain positions and distance
  • DIY settings
  • 6.5 ft. long rod


  • Customers complain about missing parts

7. Luckome Store Motorized Curtains:


Get a complete blackout:

Many curtains might give you a 70-80% blackout, but some of them promise for 100%! Here comes the full upgraded curtain from the Luckome Store, giving you a roller shade option to have 100% blackout in no time. It can give you the ultimate privacy in your office cabin, bedroom, or living room and generate a perfect ambiance.

Powerful Motor:

These curtains come equipped with a power pack on-bboard! The type-A P440 motor helps you eliminate the slow operations and can open/close the curtains in seconds. Not just this, but the rechargeable battery can last for a few weeks or even months. However, you’ll need a HUB for the connections.

Works with Alexa:

Do you wonder why we have this product in the list of best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa? If so, here’s why! The versatile connectivity makes sure that the motor can connect with Alexa’s five versions, including Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10, and Echo 4th Gen without any hub. Wait, it’s not over yet! You can also connect other versions and Google Home using the gateway/hub. 


  • Works with all versions of Alexa
  • 100% blackout 
  • Complete white fabric 
  • Custom-made available 


  • Needs hub for some Alexa versions

8. Brunt Motor Blinds:


Control from Anywhere:

Get yourself a curtain that does not need to be opened with hands! That’s right, and it’ll not only save you much time but keep your house safe by showing your virtual presence. Thus, Brunt Motorized Curtains are a way to do that. Just connect them with your smartphone, and you’re good to go! You can set the Geo-location or schedule to control them remotely.

Easy to Install:

Worry no more when you have this easy to install and fully functional smart gadgets on-board! Brunt has made it easy for everyone to install the motor onto the window frame with the wall mounts and adjust the height.

Accessories included:

The installation accessories comprise a double-sided tape, screws, and connecting gear that comes with the package.


  • Weighs only 850 grams
  • Compatible with various blinds
  • Smooth roller operation
  • Height adjustable feature


  • Low torque motor

9. E-Wand Starter Kit Retrofit Motorized Blinds:


Both way compatibility:

Current Product Corp is here with their E-Wand Starter kit! This kit includes a Retro-fit motorized blind, which offers easy installation and dual-way opening and closing. The E-wand provides compatibility for both the horizontal as well as vertical pulling up of blinds.

Energy Saving:

No need to spend much power on the electric motor now! The integrated or built-in sensors give full automation and offer an energy-saving option at the other end to save cost.

Automated Sensors:

What’s unique in automation corresponds to the light sensors triggered by the blind slats opening/closing. A temperature sensor will automatically control the curtains as per the temperature needs. That makes this product find a place in our list of best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa!


  • Can be grouped with other E-Wands
  • Fully automated
  • Light & temperature sensors


  • Poor programming

10. SwitchBot Smart Curtain:


30-Seconds installation:

SwitchBot has something unique on its bucket list for you! These smart motorized curtains and blinds can be installed in just 30-seconds and offer many conveniences simultaneously by providing easy pull-up.

Multiple Methods:

Keep your hand on the smartphone application (iOS and Android) or use the voice commands via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT for complete automation. Not just the controlling methods but the operational abilities are versatile as well. The curtains can utilize both the U-rails and I-rails rod types.

Better Lifestyle:

Switch bot has come up with better lifestyle habits for you! You can sleep and wake up on time by setting the timer for the curtains opening/closing.


  • Eight months of battery timing
  • Touch and Go
  • Bluetooth range 1.2km


  • Needs hub for installation

Comparison Chart:

ProductsBrandMounting TypeMaterialSmart CompatibilitySuitable For
1.Yoolax Motorized Blind for WindowYoolaxInside/outside mountPolyester, Polyester blendAlexa (5 Versions), Google HomeOffice, kitchen, bathroom
2.Graywind Motorized Zebra Sheer BlindsGraywindInside/outside mountPolyester, Polyester blendAlexa, Google HomeLiving room, office, bedroom
3.Quoya Smart Curtains SystemQuoyaCeiling mounted, Wall mountedAlexa, Google HomeLiving room, office, bedroom
4.XINGXUN High Precision Customized BlindsXINGXUNInside/outside mountPolyester, Polyester blendSmart IR Hub with AlexaVaries
5.Curtain Call Electric Controlled Drapery SystemCurtain CallCeiling mountedAluminumAmazon Echo, Google Home or Apple SiriLiving room, office, bedroom
6.American Home supplier Smart CurtainAmerican HomesupplierCeiling mounted, Wall mountedMetal, PlasticAlexa, Google HomeBedroom, Living room
7.Luckome Store Motorized CurtainsLuckome StoreCeiling mounted, Wall mountedPolyesterAlexa, Google HomeLiving room, office, bedroom
8.Brunt Motor BlindsBruntInternal mountingMetalAlexa, Google HomeVaries
9.E-Wand Starter Kit- Retro fit Motorized BlindsCurrent Products CorpWall mountedAlexa, Google HomeOffice cabins
10.SwitchBot Smart CurtainSwitchBotCeiling mounted, Wall mountedAlexa, Google Home, HomePod, IFTTT Living room, office, bedroom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Why would one choose these best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa?

A. There are plenty of advantages to these smart blinds or shades. Some of these include automated features, scheduling, light switch trigger, and privacy-preserving.

Q. Do these best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa work with sensors?

A. Yes, most of the models can trigger the light switches on opening and closing so that you can have the perfect ambiance in your cozy place- and that too without much effort.

Q. How do these smart curtains and blinds get power?

A. Three main power supply options comprise a direct supply from the electric plug, a built-in battery, or solar power.

Q. What is the difference between the automated or motorized curtain?

A. You can pull up the motorized curtains with the push of a button while the automated ones work well with the timer or schedule.


Whether it’s a need to preserve your privacy or show your virtual presence at home, or you might need an appealing ambiance at your place, these smart curtains are always the best option. 

Keep your hands on these best smart blinds and curtains with Alexa to have a fully automated smart home where there is no need to wake up and pull aside the curtains!

You can also check out these smart plugs if you wish to keep the electricity consumption to minimum.

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