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Best Coursera Data Science Courses in 2022

Data Science’s importance in today’s technologically driven world cannot be overemphasized as the world relies on information and stores data for most of its day to day activities. You don’t need to be told that information is the new currency of the world.

Applied Data Science Capstone (IBM)

This course gives insight into what data science is and experiences sample simulations and case studies that would immensely help students learn the RESTful API calls to the Foursquare API and retrieve data information about venues in different neighborhoods worldwide. Applied Data Science Capstone is a unique course offered by IBM under the Coursera catalog.

You will learn how to use the Folium library to map geospatial data and easily communicate your results.

You will earn a Certificate after the course completion, which comes with a digital badge from IBM.

One good advantage of the course is that it’s subtitled in many major world languages like French, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and even Arabic. You can also learn at your speed, which means better understanding.

The course comes in four segments (4)

  • Introduction
  • Foursquare API
  • Neighborhood Segmentation and Clustering
  • The Battle of Neighborhoods
  • The Battle of Neighborhoods (Concluding part)

Genomic Data Science (Johns Hopkins University)

Genomic Data Science is part of the Genomic Data Science Specialization offered by Johns Hopkins University. As a data science prerequisite, you get in-depth knowledge and skillset in Python Programming, Bioinformatics, Biopyton, and Genomics. With over 100,000 students enrolled in this course offered on Coursera, the course offers a full package

You will learn newer resources that will help you better analyze and understand next-generation sequencing experiments like Python, Galaxy, and Bioconductor. This course is ideally suited for molecular biologists or scientists needing experience with data science computational methods.

During the course session, you will be able to try your hands on some projects for you to qualify and earn a sharable certificate

The course outline contained in this section include;

  • Introduction to Genomic Technologies
  • Genomic Data Science with Galaxy
  • Python for Genomic Data Science
  • Algorithms for DNA Sequencing
  • Command Line Tools for Genomic Data Science
  • Bioconductor for Genomic Data Science
  • Statistics for Genomic Data Science

Data Science for Business Innovation (EIT Digital)

If you are part of corporate and middle management, this course will be ideal for you as it will allow you to promote data-driven creativity. Topics address important topics and perspectives into data uses. It also includes data mining, machine learning approaches, pros and cons, and functional applicability problems.

The course introduces you to data science, why it is essential in various sectors, the value data science can generate, what big data can solve, the distinction between descriptive, predictive modeling data analysis, and the functions of cognitive computing. This course covers, from an analytical point of view, supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised methods that can be learned from processes of sorting, clustering, and regression; NoSQL data models and innovations; and the function and impact of map-reducing and analog paradigms-based scalable cloud-based computing systems.

During the course session, you will try your hands on some projects to qualify and earn a sharable certificate.

Below are the modules on this specialized course;

  • Introduction to Data-driven Business
  • Terminology and Foundational Concepts
  • Data Science Methods for Business
  • Challenges and Conclusions

Learn SQL Basics for Data Science Specialization (UCDAVIS University of California)

This specialization curriculum is self-paced and structured to help you learn unique job skills within a short time. Offered by the UCDAVIS, this specialization needs little or no experience in programming, as you will be taught from scratch on data and SQL queries.

You will cover vital topics like SQL fundamentals, SQL, Analysis, AB testing, and distributed computing using Apache Spark.

As you proceed further in this section, you will learn how to write queries, filter, sort, summarize, and even manipulate data. Using the data brick workspace, you will be able to create an end to end pipeline that can read and transform data.

Students who choose this course will be able to secure a job in any sector as a Database Administrator or Program Analyst

These four (4) modules in this specialized course are;

  • SQL for Data Science
  • Data Wrangling, Analysis and AB Testing with SQL
  • Distributed Computing with Spark SQL
  • SQL for Data Science Capstone Project

IBM Data Science (IBM)

Data science is one of IBM’s numerous data science specialization due to their long-standing in the aspect.

As a student, taking this course will expose you to the application of data in real life. The life experience projected through this online course is a real deal as you will gain valuable insight into both data science and machine language: application and use cases. At the end of the course, your mindset would have changed, and you will be thinking more like a data scientist as you will be able to apply what you have learned to real data science problems.

Some of the skills and software you will be taught how to use are Watson Studio, JupyterLab, GitHub, and R Studio.

This course covers the following sections;

  • What is Data Science?
  • Tools for Data Science
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Python for Data Science and AI
  • Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Applied Data Science Capstone

Data Visualization & Dashboarding with R Specialization

You don’t have to be told that information is the new currency of the world. Such is this course offered by John Hopkins University. Data Visualization & Dashboarding with R is a five in one module package that builds on your prerequisite foundation in data. Industry experts will teach you how to visualize data using R works. You will create static and dynamic data visualizations that you get to publish on the web.

Getting to the end of the course outline, you will become an expert in data visualization with a verified certificate.

Below are the modules you will find in this specialization;

  • Getting Started with Data Visualization in R
  • Data Visualization in R with ggplot2
  • Advanced-Data Visualization with R
  • Publishing Visualizations in R with Shiny and flex dashboard
  • Data Visualization Capstone

Satellite Imagery, Spatial Analysis in GIS (University of Toronto)

Are you interested in GIS principles and strategies and want to practice on your own? Then this course is for you. This is a specialization that is perfect for newbies in mapping and GIS. A course taught by the University of Toronto via the distance learning platform of Coursera is an excellent opportunity to learn one of the most sorts after skills in the market. You get to learn interpreting map data skills using several data types and approaches to addressing spatial questions. You will also be introduced to data set processing using various forms of queries to locate the data you need to answer a specific query. As you build on the course specialization, you will go through techniques and training to analyze and use vector data to find spatial correlations within and between data sets.

Modules you will find in this specialization are;

  • Filtering Data Using Queries
  • Vector Analysis
  • Remote sensing as a GIS data source
  • Raster Analysis
  • Project: Spatial Analysis

Applied Data Science with Python (University of Michigan)

As a top leading University, Michigan offers students worldwide opportunities to learn Applied data science through the Coursera platform.

The course will give you insights into data science, the application of data, techniques, and data analytics.

Learning this course will broaden your knowledge and gain much-needed skills like Python Programming, Data Visualization, Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Cleansing, Scikit-Learn, Text Mining, and many more.

Applied Data Science with Python is a five-course (5) curriculum for students with sound knowledge (intermediate) of Python Programming and serious about learning how to apply data visualization to real-life scenarios.

Find modules included in this course;

  • Introduction to Data Science in Python
  • Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python
  • Applied Machine Learning in Python
  • Applied Text Mining in Python
  • Applied Social Network Analysis in Python

Excel Skills for Business: Intermediate (MACQUARIE University)

Excel will always be a part of enterprise business as it’s widely popular software in the workspace. This excel course offered by MACQUARIE University is a great one, given that it’s a valuable fundamental asset for securing an IT job.

Choosing this course on Coursera is ideal for a new entrance into IT. You will be exposed to the foundation of Excel as its business applications, expand your knowledge skills in managing datasets, and create meaningful reports.

At the end of the course, you will be job hunting ready as you will have gained the required skillset in Microsoft Excel, concatenation, Pivot Chart, and table.

You get to obtain a shareable certification after the course.

Below are topics you will cover during the course;

  • Working with Multiple Worksheets & Workbooks
  • Text and Date Functions
  • Named Ranges
  • Summarising Data
  • Tables
  • Pivot Tables, Charts, and Slicers
  • Final Assessment

Analyzing Big Data with SQL (CLOUDERA)

Analyzing Big Data with SQL is the latest in-demand database course in the Coursera catalog, and students need to learn the skill to stay relevant in today’s IT Industry. Offered by CLOUDERA, analyzing big data with SQL will give you an in-depth understanding of SQL functions. This course focuses more on the big data SQL engines APACHE Hive and APACHE Impala, which means you will learn how to explore and query databases using various tools. You also lean to a group and aggregate for easy anwer to analytical questions.

As a prerequisite, a virtual machine needs to be installed on your computer to learn this course.

This course is ideal for learners interested in venturing into database management and administration as you will learn the basics of SELECT statements, filter results, answer analytical questions, as also work with sorting and limiting output

Skills you will learn but are not limited to are Apache Impala, Big Data, SQL, Apache Hive, Apache Analysis, and many more.

You will earn a Certificate upon completion that can be shared with employers of labor.

Modules below are exciting topics you will cover in this course;

  • Orientation to SQL on Big Data
  • SQL SELECT Essentials
  • Filtering Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Grouping and Aggregating Data
  • Sorting and Limiting Data
  • Combining Data


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