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Best Air Quality Monitor – The Complete Guide

Do you know that you’re in danger, even sitting inside your room? The air in which you’re breathing is not 100% pure. It seems to have impurities such as dirt and germs. Have you got any means to detect the level of a contaminant in the air? If not, we’ve something for you. Keep on reading to know all about the best air quality monitor!

As per the research of AirAdvice State, 9 out of 10 Americans are facing issues in their indoor air quality. This way, more than 96% of homes are tested with problems in the air. But how to tackle the situation? Let’s get you in the details!

An Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) will leave you wondering by quickly giving you an insight into the air composition. From the excessive dirt to high humidity, the culprit can be anything. The problem starts when people remain unaware of the situation for so long. 

Without an air quality monitor in your home, you cannot tell if something’s wrong at the other end! Some of you might develop allergy-like symptoms that show the danger. What benefit you can get is that you can track down the pollutants and take action as per the air quality monitor’s readings. Now you know the perks of having the best air quality monitor, but wait! 

Do you exactly know what type of pollutants this monitor can detect? If not, let’s have a look: 

What Can These Air Quality Monitors Detect?

Particulate Matter (PM):

It’s a mixture of dust, smoke, and ashes in the air. Having dust in the air is natural, but smoke can make the situation worse if you live near the wildfires. There are different categories of PM as per the size, i.e., PM2.5, PM10, and more. PM2.5 refers to the size of fewer than 2.5 microns. 

PM2.5 is also considered the most prominent health issue for humans as per the WHO. So, it’s crucial and essential to track down the PM. The best indoor air quality monitor can do it in a breeze!

The Gases:

Another common cause for eyes and nose irritation is the higher amount of gas in the air! For example, having excess Carbon Dioxide in the air can cause air pollution and a severe health danger above 1000ppm. 

Next up is Carbon Monoxide, which is more harmful. It’s a tasteless, colorless, and odorless gas coming from the burning sources. Below 9ppm is the safe level for CO in the air. Air quality monitors are useful in maintaining this level.

Volatile Compounds:

Volatile organic compounds are another such factor which causes harm to live beings when inhaled. There are plenty of products that can emit these VOCs in the air. Some of them include cleaners, adhesives, sprays, and paints. Buy the best indoor air quality monitor to get rid of these! 

How To Buy The Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor?

Choosing the best air quality monitor can be a tricky one for you as there are plenty of attributes that matter. Have you got time to get your hands dirty in the in-depth research? If not, let us guide you with quick tips to follow!

Quick Tips to follow while buying air quality monitors:

  • Always for the quality rather than a reasonable price! You must not compromise your health as inhaling the polluted air can damage the lungs permanently. 
  • Next up is smart integrations. You must look for the intelligent features that’ll end up giving you peace of mind. Like most air quality monitors, they are compatible with the voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. 
  • Some of the devices can be accessed via smartphone or tablet, giving you ease of usage. 
  • Another excellent addition to the feature list is the night light. Yes, the monitor can also act as a night light. 

Now, you know all the basics to get you an excellent deal. So let’s move you through some of the best indoor air quality monitors in detail. 

Best Air Quality Monitors:

1. Tempto M10 Indoor Air Quality Monitor-Best air quality monitor for PM2.5:


Multifunctional Device:

Are you planning to get the air quality detectors for different parameters? Then, why not get for all? This Tempto M10 brings you a wide range of detection for PM2.5, HCHO, volatile compounds, and humidity in one go.

Compact Styled:

No need to worry about the mount options now! Just place the Tempto M10 on the tabletop as it weighs only 198 grams. Its compact style will not affect the visuals at all. A large LCD screen presents you with an easy to read interface.

Precise Measurements:

Tempt will never break the trust of its users by showing false data! It comes equipped with a laser particle sensor with a swarm optimization. This way, you’ll get more preciseness in PM2.5 measurements.

Electrode HCHO Sensor:

Plenty of gases can ruin the atmosphere of your room! Get rid of all the combined gases in the air with multiple filtration technologies utilizing the British Electrode Formaldehyde sensors.

Large Battery Life:

Charge one time and forget about it for hours! It features a powerful 2200 mAh Lithium-ion battery that can even go for days. It’ll take 4-6 hours for a single charge.


  • High-precision sensor
  • Large LCD
  • Powerful battery
  • Multiple Filtration Technology


  • Slow to react

2. EVE Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor– Best Air Quality Monitor for VOCs:


Track the VOCs:

What’s why this EVE Room air quality monitor’s fame is its capability to detect the VOCs! No matter what sort of furniture, toys, or items you have in the room, it can sense the volatile compounds everywhere. This way, you’ll get an idea of how to keep things organized in your place.

Know the Situation:

EVE Room’s monitor can detect the humidity and temperature levels as well! Gone are the times when you don’t even realize what’s wrong with the air. Reading the large LCD stats, you’ll know when to air the nursery, room, or kitchen.

Large Battery Life:

No need to charge the device very often now! A single USB charge will help you run the device for more than six weeks- even with the wireless functionality. You can connect it via Bluetooth to any of your iOS devices without any bridge.

History at a single click:

You cannot only have the real-time stats but the history as well. The EVE application can get you an insight into the history statistics and help you maintain healthy habits.


  • Compatible with Apple Homekit
  • Hourly, weekly and monthly forecast
  • The high contrast e-ink display
  • Precision sensors


  • Works only with Apple home kit

3. Netatmo Air Quality Monitor– Best Air Quality Monitor for Real-Time Stats:


Three Profiles:

A single air quality monitor cannot justify the whole environment. That’s where this Netatmo fits best! It can measure the air quality, humidity, temperature all in a single click with three profiles. These include the baby, person, and an asthma patient. 

The device will configure itself and show the stats as per the category.

Perfect for Every Room:

Netatmo is versatile in its operations. With its Home Coach Health advice feature, it works perfectly for every room. It will connect the healthy home coach devices to your smartphone to let you know the environmental concerns.

Create a Healthy Environment:

You know that the air indoor can be filthier than the outside. That’s why you need an air quality monitor to identify the pollutants. You’ll end up getting rid of headaches, allergy, asthma, and other lung problems.

Improve the Sleep:

No one has ever claimed to provide you the sound sleep using the air quality monitor! Netatmo has done this by giving you the stats for temperature, AQI, and humidity. You can place a barrier to anything you want for a sound sleep.

4 Precise Sensors:

There are four sensors in total, which provide you the real-time stats right at the smartphone screen. You can have a view of the stats for humidity, temperature, noise, and AQI levels.


  • Tailored advice
  • Real-time caution alerts
  • Three profile settings
  • Works with Android and iOS


  • Apple Homekit integration is limited.

4. IGERESS Air Quality Meter– Best Multi-purpose Air Quality Monitor:


All-in-One Device:

This IGERESS multi-purpose device with powerful sensing ability is ideal for air quality monitoring. Utilizing this indoor air quality monitor will help protect you and your loved ones by tracking the pollutants.

Alarm System:

IGERESS has equipped itself with intelligent sensors that can detect the pollutants and generate an alarm automatically. An alarm will ring once the pollutant level rises above the safety limits. These warnings will be a caution for you to filter the air.

Versatile Sensors:

IGERESS has come up with this versatile device that offers multiple sensors to detect impurities. It can sense the HCHO, TVOC, PM2.5, and PM10 levels in the air and display them on its user-friendly LCD.

Easy to Use:

Everyone likes simple settings! IGERESS has cared for its consumers and presented this AQI monitor bringing ease of operations. With three different function keys, you can configure the settings and have a unique detection limit of your own.

Accurate Measurements:

You can have accurate and precise measurements for HCHO, PM2.5, and TVOC. All the measurements are the results of particular sensing technology.


  • Perfect for homes, offices, and cars
  • Large LCD Display
  • Three function keys
  • Alarm system


  • Need calibration

5. Airthings Wave Plus Quality Monitor– Best Award-winning Air Quality Monitor:


Award-Winning Device:

Airthings have never compromised on its quality! That’s the reason why it has won the TIME magazine’s Best Inventions 2019 award. Its reliability and consistency make it the best-suited choice for consumers looking forward to a healthy companion.

Radon Results:

No old device can detect the radon! This gas is harmful to human beings and hence needs to be eliminated. Airthings Wave Plus promised the well-being of its users by tracking down this toxic gas. It continually measures the Radon level as it fluctuates very often.

Six Key Elements:

This portable air quality monitor senses the six critical elements in the air to bring a refreshing start to your day. Keeping an eye on the air quality can detect the Radon, Carbon dioxide, toxin, AQI, volatile compounds, humidity, and air pressure. That’s a whole lot of convenience for people looking for some healthy fresh air indoor.

Quick and Easy:

Complex setup is the choice of none! Airthings Wave Plus brings you ease in life. It can directly connect with the application and inform you of the surroundings. 

It can also give a detailed analysis of the screen to keep you cautious of the danger.

Smart Integrations:

Do you remember what we told you in the beginning? Here comes the role of smart integrations in this indoor air quality monitor. It connects with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.


  • Give the Radon report.
  • Visual indication with lights
  • Sense six key factors
  • Award-winning device


  • No PM sensor

6. Air Quality Monitor By EG– Best All-in-One Air Quality Monitor:


A Scientific Approach:

This Air Quality Monitor is having more than a standard approach! It can access all the air’s key factors or elements to sense if the air is healthy for breath or not. 

You can have a look at the humidity level, temperature, HCHO concentration, synthetic volatile organic compound, and PM matter. In the PM matter, it can cover all the subcategories as per the size.

Portable Test:

A portable indoor air quality monitor brings in the portable test! It’s quick and straightforward to check for the AQI levels at a place. You can also keep it there for long for a detailed analysis. Built-in stands ease down the process of placing the device.

Advanced Fan and Sensors:

Bringing in the real-time stats is not a thing for this monitor! It has equipped the advanced sensors and a built-in fan to draw more air for analysis. A laser sensor measures the dust, while an electrochemical sensor is for HCHO concertation.


  • 320 x 240-pixel color LCD
  • Real-time analysis
  • Easy to carry 
  • Sense all contaminants 


  •  Design is a bit old

7. HEI LIANG AIR Air Quality Monitor– Best Battery Air Monitor:


Senses Everything:

HEI LIANG Air monitor senses everything for you! It can even track the PM10 and humidity levels, which is no more a concerning factor for most monitors. Furthermore, all the chemical fumes, including toluene, HCHO, and in-born particles, can be measured by this device.

Instant Test:

Have you got no time for a detailed analysis? Let’s do a quick test with this HEI LIANG device. It measures the dust, smoke, ink, fog, and all types of particles in a breeze. One quick turn ON switch can give you a glimpse of all the stats as well.

Upgraded Battery:

This HEI LIANG device brings in a 3000 mAh of battery, which can run for days. A USB cable comes along for easy charging, making the device ideal for offices, schools, cars, hotels, and every place.

All-Purpose Device:

This all-in-one product solely gives you an insight into what you need in a room! This device can act as a clock as well as a portable air quality monitor in one go. A comprehensive air convection design can broaden the range of this gadget.


  • 3000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • One-touch ON/OFF
  • HD LED screen
  • DART electrochemical sensor


  • AQI is only for PM2.5

8. Huma-i HI-150 Air Quality Monitor– Best Portable Quality Monitor:


Real-Time Measure:

Monitor the air quality as well as the overall health of the air in a second to two! Bring this HUMA-I HI-150 device home and press the button- rest is on the sensors itself! It can measure or detect the levels of CO2, VOCs, PM2.5, PM10, and even the temperature & humidity. This way, you’ll get an idea about your surroundings and know the next step further.

Portable Gadget:

With a pocket-sized dimension, you can take it anywhere you want! Humi-i is a best-suited choice for indoor and outdoor, the reason being its portability.

Advanced-Level Fan:

Humi-i HI-150 brings in an innovative function of all time. It has an advanced fan and sensors to withdraw the surrounding air for real-time and quick analysis.  

Easy to Use:

The device has got dual-mode functionality in the form of graph and icon mode. A single touch button is better able to handle both the operations using the OLED display. This way, you can have a quick glimpse of carbon dioxide, VOC, and PM levels.


  • Real-time analysis
  • Portable device
  • Durable and stylish
  • OLED display


  • Not suitable for all environments

9. BIAOLING Air Quality Monitor– Best Multifunctional Air Quality Sensor:


It’s For Everyone:

There are no specific people for which this device has compatibility! Its vast detection range made it suitable for everyone looking to detect impurities in the air. A DART electrochemical sensor can detect even the minor alteration in the levels of CO2, CO, HCHO, and VOCs. The device’s sensor can also see the PM matter, i.e., PM2.5, PM10.

Modern Design:

The newest design brings in the color LCD and a full-digital display to offer a user-friendly look. You’ll have no worries in reading the stats even in the bright sunlight.

Portable yet Powerful:

The gadget comes in with the dimensions of 5.83″ * 2.76″ * 1.18″. It has an intelligent sensor along with easy to carry ability. All these features contribute towards its easy placement in offices, schools, cars, hotels, and more. What next is its powerful 3000 mAh battery life? You can charge it once, and it’ll run for days! 


  • Easy operations
  • Intelligent sensors
  • DART electrochemical sensor
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Customers complain about the battery.

10. Vremi Premium HEPA Air Purifier+ Air Quality Monitor– Best 2-in-1 Device:


A True HEPA filter:

Vremi has got you something which can double the fun! This premium device can not only detect the impurities on its own but can filter them at the same time. The HEPA filter can eliminate about99.97% of pollutants from the air leaving behind a fresh ambiance.

Smart Monitoring:

Apart from the filtration, the device itself has a built-in sensor to detect the impurities. It can display the contaminants and AQI levels using three different LEDs in perfect visuals. A fan is also on-board, providing you the quick and detailed analysis in real-time.


  • A reset filter indicator
  • Gentle night lamp
  • Three fan speeds
  • 360-degrees aerodynamic air


  • Small area coverage

Comparison Chart:

ProductsWeightDetectionTVOCsBatteryCompatible with
1.Tempto M10 Indoor Air Quality Monitor198gAQI, PM2.5, HCHOYesLi-2200 mAH
2.EVE Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor45gAir quality, temperature, humidityYesLithium polymerApple Homekit
3.Netatmo Air Quality Monitor173gAQI, Humidity, Temperature, CO2NoLithium ionAndroid, iOS
4.IGERESS Air Quality Meter PM2.5, PM10, HCHOYes2200mAh lithium battery 
5.Airthings Wave Plus Quality Monitor222gRadon & Air Quality Monitor (VOC, Humidity, Temp, CO2, Pressure)YesLithium ionAlexa, Google Assistant
6.Air Quality Monitor By EG340gPM2.5/PM10/PM1.0 Micron Dust, HCHO Yes2200mAh lithium battery
7.HEI LIANG AIR Air Quality Monitor
530gPM2.5/PM10/PM1.0 Micron Dust, HCHOYes3000mAh lithium battery
8.Huma-i HI-150 Air Quality Monitor
60gCO2, Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), HCHOYesLithium batteryAlexa, Google Assistant
9.BIAOLING Air Quality Monitor295gCO2, Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), HCHOYes3000mAh lithium batteryAlexa, Google Assistant
10.Vremi Premium HEPA Air Purifier+ Air Quality Monitor3.1kgOdor, smoke, dust, PMYesNo battery 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Which pollutants can the air quality monitor detect?

A. Indoor Air Quality monitors have specialized sensors to detect the PM, CO2, CO, toxins, dust, and VOCs. Most of the monitors also can detect humidity and temperature.

Q. How do air quality monitors work?

A. They have small sensors placed inside to check the level of each entity. The results are shown on the LED screens.

Q. What is the role of fans in this device?

Along with the sensors, fans withdraw air inside the device for a detailed analysis.


You spent 60-70% of the time indoors-even more on the weekends! Let’s breathe in the fresh and healthy air free from toxins, dust, and chemical fumes. Keep your hands on these bets air quality monitors for safer and healthier air quality.

You can also check out these smart plugs for your home!

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