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BEDDIT, the Sleep Monitor to Sleep Better

How many times have we happened to be very tired, but not to feel regenerated after the hours of rest?

When we get up, but the sense of exhaustion continues to accompany us, it means that the hours we have slept have not benefited our well-being. The motivations can be multiple, and only a sleep monitor can help us find the right and correct way to sleep. Beddit is anInternet of Things device that automatically controls the parameters connected to our rest. It is an app that interacts with a device that can be arranged between the mattress and the sheets, and that allows you to analyze data about how we rest.

The sleep monitor watching over health

Beddit is a flexible, soft and thin smart object that does not create any kind of annoyance once you lie on the bed. The sensor starts as soon as you sleep. This sleep monitor collects and analyzes different data, such as heartbeat, snoring, movements, breathing, humidity and temperature of the room. Once you have set up the personal information you require, Beddit compares our data with general references for an ideal sleep and suggests how to improve your rest cycles, acting both on environmental factors of the room, both on us.

The Science Underpinning Beddit

Thanks to the Beddit app you will have valuable personalized information and helpful tips to improve your sleep. The technology behind this intelligent sleep monitor is based on the scientific principle of ballistocardiography; it is a technique designed to measure the mechanical activity of the heart and others human vital organs. During the rest cycle, the sleep monitor records each individual heartbeat and breathing cycle, analyzing the detected parameters and providing personalized reports based on set information, such as age, gender, weight, build.

Waking up regenerated and rested

Thanks to Beddit, you can significantly improve your sleep and wake up really charged with energy and strength to face the day! This sleep monitor is a smart object that you can connect not only to the app, but also to the Apple Watch. Every morning you will have the opportunity to receive a score on sleep quality and receive a full report on night rest.

Beddit comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and USB cable, weighs just under one and a half and can be used on any bed, at home or on holiday. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your sleep: discover how to recharge your batteries and regain physical and mental well-being to face your day with energy!

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